1. Well there are characters with the last name eldritch so maybe.

  2. Did his pidgeot at least come back?

  3. Yeah I did. I just never watched sun and moon.

  4. This is so stupid the person isn’t preaching or starting an argument. They’re literally just referencing religion. It’s definitely not like this same server talks about Easter and Christmas all the time…

  5. It’s like yanderedev has multiple Christmas videos

  6. Okay this isn’t backrooms related but if you want a horror game that may have the same vibe as spirited away then play little nightmares.

  7. I don’t mean the actual plot of the movie, just the setting, what with the giant building that moves, train that goes nowhere, weird creatures that kinda thing

  8. Yeah that’s kind of what little nightmares is.

  9. Guys can we not fight in the comments?

  10. If I remember correctly (and I will happily be proven wrong), back when Viv and A24 released the most recent GIFs, the Charlastor shippers exploded over the GIF of Charlie & Vaggie’s duet, super upset with Vivzie for not making Charlastor canon.

  11. There's some Charlastor shippers that's like that for sure, but definitely not all of them. There's plenty of Charlastor shippers who also ship chaggie that were excited af about the chaggie gif.

  12. I’m charlastor trash but if it became canon then the entire story would be ruined for me.

  13. I can’t wait for pokepark to come to the switch.

  14. Y’all can’t even comprehend the Pokémon community

  15. Terms of human and Pokémon breeding-

  16. Anyone who tries gets harassed by Yandere Dev.

  17. What’s yanderedev going to do? Poor his chalice on them?

  18. I’m pretty sure one of the 613 commandments says that “the entire gender spectrum is made up of bitches.”

  19. That’s my favorite verse. Know it by heart.

  20. Homelander punches bibleman and it breaks his hand.

  21. I mean. Head canons usually make sense.

  22. My oc did not burn a serbian village during Kosovo war. No, sir

  23. My oc was definitely only following orders

  24. Did you have to make it as detailed as it is?

  25. One more year until the bell riots happen

  26. That sentence was stolen from a tumblr post.

  27. Your telling me your not supposed to empathize with moxxie when he experiences extreme trauma?

  28. Ah, I get it. You think that because the show makes you feel basic emotions the it’s bad?

  29. It's literally in the first episode of an anime that'll be a wholeass decade old next month.

  30. Dude. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

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