Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival Canceled After Court Ruling Made It Illegal to Keep Guns Out of Event

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  1. I wonder who made the deal with the gun company for that order ? That’s a million dollar contract. I really hope it was a big kick back for them. There is some state senator with a big smile on his face right now and a bigger wallet.

  2. What an entitled little fucking cunt that woman is. Poor guy is with his kids so can you imagine how embarrassing that must be for him. Videos like this make me so mad.

  3. I would return the whole order on the spot.

  4. What the fuck is he doing? Is he trying to kiss that women because I don’t think he is doing it correctly.

  5. Took me a sec to get what you meant, it should be called that.

  6. I would give the Basket Museum a call 508 228 1894 and use option 3 for Decorative Arts, they can probably point you in the right direction.

  7. Will you shut the fuck up already. God love that woman.

  8. For the live free and die state you sure vote some crazy ass people that like to prevent you guys from stuff. Pot is still not legal in NH.

  9. Nothing is preventing people from getting these services.

  10. Oh I got you. Live free or die as long as you are middle class or up. If you need help because you hit hard times then better luck next time. You are one of those people that think everyone on Medicare is using the system till you need it.

  11. Well his social score just went up a bunch. Guess who can use the bus now !! Good job man.

  12. Ohh man what a shame. You better fix that beautiful t bird man.

  13. This gets me so mad watching it. A bunch of cowards is what I see. I might be bias because I have little kids, but I would do anything to keep them safe. Everyone one in a leadership position from the sergeants up should be fired. What a bunch of mothers fuckers just sitting there. I bet they are going to barge that they where there. Fuck them.

  14. I was so hoping it was a zombie plague. But nope 👎

  15. That’s not a fair question. Howard is by far, then Fred because he is a good dude that is great at his job. I love Arty because he is a great storyteller before he got kicked off, then Richard because he is a true person then Sal , Ronny and Jacky.

  16. I grew up in Hull and only remember going to the park one time when I was like 4 or 5 and loved it. But I did run the carousel when I was in high school and that was awesome.

  17. Took me a minute to see the Dolphins.

  18. Nothing like a little rust in your dish.

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