1. Most did though. Naturally it's not really news to report "Company gets PPE contract; delivers exactly as per the contract" so you can get an inaccurate selection bias that they all failed.

  2. I'm making the point to counter the perception held in here that they all failed or even the majority did, on account that they're the ones you hear about.

  3. And next, if you pay uk tax, you get to vote on all matters, not just council levels. Enough with this taxation without representation for us immigrants who have made a home in brittain but can’t afford or don’t want to gain British citizenship.

  4. Can we add corporations to that chopping list please mate, and shut down the hedge funds and trusts that the rich use to hide the true value of their assets?

  5. And climate? Not private, so fuck it?

  6. That's a weird either/or situation, like the climate would be fine if we didn't protect private property from vandalism...

  7. Remind us, who owns the Evening Standard?

  8. That's the one. Although the article does make it clear that they're referring to those close to Putin's regime who stash embezzled money in the UK. That wouldn't cover Evgeny in this case.

  9. RMT aren’t a driver’s union, so what does automation solve?

  10. Leftist ideology is based on fact and science. Rightwing ideology is based on emotion and self interest. You literally NEED to pick a side.

  11. Haha, I honestly can't tell if this is serious or satire. Almost by definition, as an ideology it's not based on "fact and science". Indeed, rent caps as mentioned is literally a left-wing position that flies in the face of the evidence.

  12. What is he afraid of? If no ones supports Corbyn why not let him embarrass himself in a Primaries run.

  13. Not saying any different. Just pointing out they are absolutely run as a business, nothing wrong with that either.

  14. Yea, not so much a charity are they. Just another business like most so called “charities”.

  15. People will always, and probably even should, vote in their own self interest. If everyone votes in their own self interest then the interests of the country are served.

  16. Should they though? If someone was in a position to be a beneficiary on aggregate from fascism or Nazism (not by being an active member, but merely voting for it), that they “should”?

  17. You don't vote for tax policy though. You vote for MPs, or parties at least. If a party is proposing fascism or Nazism, and a lot of the country stood to benefit from it, I can't say that I think they should vote for it.

  18. Strangle the companies with regulation and price caps until they go under then step in as the provider of last resort.

  19. It doesn't work that way. There are literally rules against doing this and you cannot just use the law to make a company bust with the sole purpose of nationalising them without compensation.

  20. You go about it differently though. Saying that you are just going to take it would be stupid. Here's what I'd do. You start enforcing the rules and making new rules about water treatment. You add rules about maximum pricing. You keep doing this until the water companies go under. You then take control as the provider of last resort. Job done. No need to take anyone's property.

  21. No money for vital workers, but hundreds of millions for firms to produce literally nothing. Why is there not violent revolution on our streets?

  22. Why would you presume that? Many ppe contracts failed to deliver anything or provided substandard products that could not be used.

  23. Actively disliking the concept of retirement because you've got a bit of a chip on your shoulder about boomers is a weird conclusion to come to IMO...

  24. A valid chip on the shoulder... they've destroyed this country.

  25. It's not valid and that's nonsensical hyperbole. Rather, it's pretty cringe.

  26. Yeah I should say I don't want to shit on all Russians, but Johnson (whom Zahawi was in government with) made a lifelong peer of Evgeny Lebedev against advice from MI6 because his father was ex-KGB. The links between dark Russian money, the Russian government and the Conservative party have been well documented. I'm not totally out of line here.

  27. Evgeny Lebedev hasn't been in Russia/USSR since he was 7, and is very consistently and vocally anti-Kremlin (even going as far as publishing images of injured civilians in Ukraine in the Evening Standard). This one here isn't the "aha a Putin Stooge is in the Government" that a lot of folks on here think it is.

  28. I'm not saying your man is a spy because his dad was a spy, just saying don't make him a lord to be on the safe side.

  29. I mean, yeah possibly. It's just worth pointing out as folks on here seem to deliberately word their point sometimes in such a way that you get the feeling they know he's not a Kremlin spy but they really really want that to be the take-away by someone who doesn't know anything about the context.

  30. They're not benefits if they're "used for the business". Not hard to say your phone is used for business, car is used for business, meals were with clients.

  31. When a human being from HMRC sits them down and asks how their 16 year old's mobile is being used 100% for business, it's incredibly hard to explain how unless it actually is used 100% for business.

  32. You don't need to prove anything. If the 16 year old is an employee and the phone is purchased by the company and the contract arranged by the company – it's a 100% deductible expense for the company regardless of the percentage used for personal usage.

  33. France who nearly voted in a Russian sympathiser who are also a very right-wing authoritarian party, and Italy and Hungary who do have extreme right-wing authoritarian parties in power? Not sure they are examples that I would bring up in favour of voter ID.

  34. Oh come on, you're grasping at straws here. "One of the opposition parties of a large EU country that hasn't ever won an election is quite right-wing so they are the sole arthitects of France's voter ID law plus some but not all of those countries have, like, at least one right-wing party so it's the same thing".

  35. There were six counts of voter fraud in the last UK election. How much more is it going to cost out of taxpayer money for the administration of every voter check henceforth to prevent six fake votes? I can think of a lot of better uses for that money in the current state of the UK right now.

  36. If you're selling to another landlord, a higher rental yield means they will pay more for the house, so it is true from that perspective.

  37. Landlord-to-landlord sales aren't exactly the main driver of house prices now are they...

  38. Which bit of the last 12 years of Tory governments would you highlight as their successes in running the economy?

  39. In the context of taking the idea of people retiring and going “why would they do this?!?!?!”

  40. That’s the popular view but aren’t we mainly short of unskilled labour?

  41. Not generally, no. There are some specific areas that are tight for unskilled labour but not across the board. However, there are several areas of skilled and/or professional trades that we are short of, and focusing on those is essential for growth.

  42. You can however all chose to vote for strike action at the same time, in separate ballots. That would be a legal strike, and not a solidarity strike.

  43. It would be classed as a solidarity strike if it's clearly obvious that it's done to that effect though. If the grievance is not considered legit (i.e. all of them demanding outrageous pay rises so that a dispute is guaranteed, all at the same time) then it can be ruled to be solidarity rather than just a coincidence, even if they try to go technically by the book.

  44. The left hand an opportunity to work with starmer when he won and be a constructive wing. Instead all they did from day one was to criticise undermine and thrash his leadership.

  45. Not only that, they still attack him and try to pull the party down even though they're facing a potential election win.

  46. Did you not bother to read who wrote the article? This piece is not coming from the left of the party.

  47. "He has to work with the centrists because they're the majority in Congress"

  48. No that's a stupid straw-man position. He has to work with everyone, from left to centrist to right. He has to do that, because those people are the ones who will vote on the bills put forward. To gain that support, he needs to work with them all on it. There will often be additions that those people are looking at that need to be discussed and compromised on so that his bills and motions can get through. Similarly, they too will have things they want Sanders' support on, and he can use his own bills to tag on to get them through. That he is incapable of that compromise and teamwork is why he is so useless in Congress.

  49. Something strange about the thought of future wars being fought purely by robots while the humans just sit around watching, probably getting on ok and cheering for their team like an episode of Robot Wars.

  50. Is there much we can do about it though, even in the short to medium term? I highly doubt the EU would take us back unless we had a referendum that was significantly in favour of “rejoin”. Even then, the process would take years.

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