1. Keegan Murray ROTY! So damn impressed with the entire squad! The Kings will have to cut legitimate NBA talent. I can't remember the last time we've had this problem in training camp.

  2. Far too early but I'd love to be wrong (in a good way) on my assessment of Murray as a complementary piece. If he can be TJ Warren without the injuries that would be great.

  3. Which brings up another thing I didn't like about this book, Zoe doesn't trust Mal??? Not a chance! That whole part just pissed me off and gave me heavy Boom Comics vibes.

  4. The book's take on Zoe's thoughts about Book, I thought were quite clever. Wash harboring doubts about Zoe (probably moreso a deeper self doubt), also I could buy. Zoe having doubts about Mal...hard sell. Unless it is just going down the route of Zoe has trouble really trusting anyone. But...if there was anyone she was going to trust, it would be Mal.

  5. Contrary to your perception; Big Damn Hero was written after The Magnificent Nine. BDH was supposed to be written by Nancy Holder, but given to Lovegrove, who'd already written TM9, when she couldn't complete the book.

  6. I think there are clear differences in the dialogue between BDH and Ghost Machine. For example, if you tracked average length of dialogue segment, I think it would be much larger in BDH. Maybe BDH just didn't get the same revisions then.

  7. I hope he is just having knee problems or something, and its not more serious.

  8. His delivery was a bit halting at times. Hope for the best but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last conference for him.

  9. Don't really like the poster though. I suppose that they wanted to make it more cool and sci-fyish for the new audience. And River on this poster doesn't look like Summer Glau to me, not sure why. And that awful tag line, c'mon!...

  10. I saw the movie on DVD, having not seen or even having been familiarized with the show. The local Hollywood Video brought in a huge cardboard poster to promote it and I figured, ok, it's sci fi so let's try it. Based on the poster I thought it was going to be something a bit different than it was.

  11. That sounds like a great excuse for a rewatch (it has been almost three years(!)).

  12. So it’s not really the substance specifically that’s the problem. Have you ever tried praying or meditating after a big cup of coffee?

  13. This is kind of odd probably but I've actually sometimes read scriptures while drinking a cup -_-

  14. Diuretics help with water retention and make you pee- and any caffeinated beverage would help with that. Parsely, dandelion, and hibiscus herbal teas would also help prevent water retention if you want to dodge the caffeine.

  15. That's a good point--I should have said laxative effect rather than diuretic. Crio-bru sounds interesting. I hope it's milder than the straight up cacao nibs. I had them years back and wow, that was an intense flavor.

  16. I think that the complexity of the Book of Mormon is remarkable, and a powerful fact of it, however I wouldn't say it is necessary or sufficient to establish inspiration. As a comparison, the Qu'ran is also a remarkably complex and considered to be the greatest of Arabic literature. If complexity necessitates inspiration then we'd have to conclude that the Qu'ran is also divinely inspired.

  17. Nice. Dude looked so good out there. Gotta be a favorite for ROTY. Can’t believe I’m saying this but Sacramento nailed their pick.

  18. I'd say he is probably third. Paolo will probably get the most touches and has NBA game, and Ivey will get plenty of scoring opportunities with Cade distributing. I don't expect Jabari to pop as much rookie year, and I think Chet won't be very good offensively in year 1.

  19. There’s a chance no one “busts” for the top 5 of this draft, that’d be cool.

  20. There is a chance but I'd say it is a small one. Paolo 10 percent bust chance, Chet 33 percent, Jabari 20 percent, Keegan 10 percent, Ivey 30 percent (this is probably too high). Assuming independence, that gets you 3 percent chance or so that nobody busts.

  21. Agreed...the non-clickable links at the bottom could easily have a tdlr for what these indexes mean

  22. I think there's an ideological battle going on here: the elitists, who assume the amount of skill showed early on perfectly determines their future careers (and stuffing up a single question inevitably consigns them to eternal mediocrity), and the hipsters, who think the IMO is over-rated and are into measuring other skillsets ("I was into [insert random technique for finding good mathematicians] before it was cool!")*. I think the former group is ignoring the valid points of the latter, while the latter is sweeping the former's arguments under the rug because of it.

  23. Nice breakdown. I try to be as contrarian as possible and take middle ground: skill showed early, which would likely be heavily a function of inherited attributes, can be predicative, but is neither necessary nor sufficient.

  24. Summer Glau doesn't get enough credit for how well she played River. She was able to convey so much of the character just through body language and facial expressions, something that takes true talent to do. I don't think anyone else could've brought that emotional complexity to the character. River is my absolute favorite part of the series and she's why.

  25. Really disappointed her career never took off. Some of her other projects (The Cape) suffered from poor writing that no actor could salvage, but given the right material she could be phenomenal.

  26. It's similar to the Democrats who are seeing how far left the party base has moved and wondering "what's going on????". When at least a third of the party is coup-curious, something is quite wrong.

  27. Add "Bar congressmen from buying or selling stock" and you'll have my vote.

  28. That's not realistic especially given the wealth of senators. But requiring investment in an index fund might be.

  29. I would not recommend a statistics program for what you outline. I'm honestly a little surprised you're not considering a CS PhD program, because while you are correct that such a program would require coursework and knowledge orthogonal to your stayed objective, the same holds for a statistics or applied maths Phd program.

  30. Eeehhhhhh…be careful OP. This is good advice, however it can vary place to place. Many applied math departments focus on O/PDE type work and not much in the way of ML. On the other hand University of Toronto’s stats department is brimming with AI research, with several grad students going on to work at google brain or openAI. Department is a good initial filter, but pay close attention to people’s research and broader connections within and beyond the institution.

  31. Very good point. I think in general, applied maths departments at universities with strong ML programs should have faculty of interest, though it isn't a guarantee.

  32. Really? Because it’s a pretty critical distinction. ‘Opens to violence’ can refer to a broad range of things that might inspire or spur some to violence. While “violence” is, well, actual violence. It’s a pretty stark distinction.

  33. The question is whether by opens to violence, she means opens as the actual act of inflicting violence, e.g. opens meaning committing, which I think is a feasible interpretation, and even if we were to go with your more narrow interpretation would that not be a suggestion of felonious incitement?

  34. In what other context does the word “opens” imply “committing”? I don’t think yours is a common interpretation of the word.

  35. If the situation were that someone was the victim of a violent crime and another person questioned them, I don't think it would be all that unheard of for someone to caution that the questioning may open them to new trauma from remembering the crime.

  36. It's not really financial literacy so much as few other options.

  37. I think to some extent we are talking about two different populations. One is people who are very poor, for whom it is much harder to optimize long term financial health due to difficulty in meeting short term needs. The other is people who are not very poor, but who rather consistently love above their means, driving cars that are more expensive than what they responsibly could afford, decorating their places with more expensive items, buying expensive clothing,bet. This is the population to which I am referring.

  38. This is correct. Many people are one adverse event away from financial ruin. Financial literacy is rather lacking in the US

  39. At that point they are literally better off taking Westbrook's expiring. Would be done with it at the end of the season. Stretching Kyrie is shooting yourself in the foot to own Kyrie. Like wow, you sure showed him. He gets everything he wants, and you're worse off than you were before.

  40. That's like saying getting punched in the gut is better than being punched in the face.

  41. This. Kyrie is a head case but he is an all star player, and I do not believe that there is no market outside of LA for him. We're not talking about a Miles Bridges situation.

  42. If you would complain everyday to your collegues that they eat too much and are fat you would get fired.

  43. I'm pretty sure in most work places it would take far fewer than daily complaints to induce termination.

  44. Yeah…more than enough to make up for Sengun playing large minutes. Very excited for him to be our sixth man or perhaps even in the starting unit if KPJ really takes the sixth man role (obv they play very different roles but I think you can make second units revolving around their offensive strengths with this team either way)

  45. And we desperately need that with Sengun at 5, for all that he does well lateral quickness is not it.

  46. Part of the reason Jabari to Rockets made so much sense. Sengun will get Jabari open shots on offense, which he needs, and Jabari will offset some of Sengun's defensive limitations, which he needs.

  47. Haha that is awesome! My dad played in some church league that Ainge played in after he retired. It wasn’t too serious or competitive, most of them showed up just to have fun or get some exercise type of thing, but my dad told me Ainge was the biggest douche while playing in those games, his competitive nature made him the most unlikable asshole for everyone there because he would just smoke everyone and didn’t know how to turn it down a notch as someone who just retired from the NBA playing with middle aged men who are just trying to have some fun and he’d still talk trash, but he said as soon as they’d step off the court he was the nicest guy who was down to earth and never flaunts his wealth or acts superior to others. The type of guy who is totally fine going to a bowling alley on Main and Horne and happily signs a napkin for a kid haha.

  48. I have not seen evidence of Biden supporting court packing. To his credit, he has actually remained firm on this one. My guess is that he understands that this would produce chaotic disequilibrium and would rather not go down as the president who destroyed the courts.

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