1. Lots of people surprised, but from a fan’s perspective this is not surprising at all. Four season-ending injuries in Bloomington - it was time for him to move on.

  2. This is bullshit. I’m supposed to know coaches are leaving before their players.

  3. was he a captain? serious question, cuz our punter was a captain, and we chose to make him the focal point of our gameplan against Rutgers, and Korsak got the best of him

  4. He actually was a captain. I feel like more people would have watched that game if we had done a better job selling the battle of the punters.

  5. Rutgers + Maryland Big10 media money something something

  6. Rutgers is number one in the B1G in something!

  7. Imagine sitting down at a recruit’s dinner table with his family and learning you are no longer the HC mid pitch.

  8. SOURCES: Phil Knight is beside himself. Driving around downtown Eugene begging (thru texts) Cristobal’s family for address to Mario’s home

  9. Buy your next coach a house and you don’t have this problem

  10. And Iowa too would chip in. Iowa and Wisconsin are at their peak but Nebraska has been atrocious

  11. MSU was good then, it was during Dantanio’s best years

  12. Has there been any speculation about who might replace him yet?

  13. I thought Stoops said last week there would be an announcement by Monday. I was thinking Lanning since he had a game still, Venables feels like it could have happened earlier.

  14. Georgia gets in after playing a game where Alabama went on a 38-7 run?

  15. SEC told Georgia to lose so they get two teams in, I don’t see another explanation

  16. Ya its been a weird time haha

  17. Both schools got new head coaches but you sort of get no new coaches somehow

  18. Just fucking announce Freeman already. Please!

  19. He’s already listed in Wikipedia as the coach so that makes it official I think.

  20. He’s so good we found ways to get him on the field almost every time we had the ball.

  21. Does this mean King will transfer out?

  22. Ugh Slaton and White. Not great memories

  23. Every time I see any QB enter the portal I always think he would probably start for us

  24. Washington, Jimmy Lake coached 13 I think

  25. I’d probably go with Bo Melton. There are times I think he’s the only WR on the field with hands. And I don’t mean like “damn he’s got some good hands”. I mean literal physical hands with fingers.

  26. Olakunle Fatukasi too, been really solid defensively the last three years

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