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  1. Sounds great. The only downside I can see is if your parents are responsible for transportation. Driving around to stores every weekend would be an extra job for them.

  2. I was friends with a kid whose dad was an abusive pos. We lived in a rural area, I could hear him screaming at the kids, they always had bruises, he locked them out of the house, etc. He was about 15 when he shot both his parents, took his little brothers outside, and set their trailer on fire. This was the late 80's, I wonder what happened to him

  3. Hubby did not want to have sex at all during my pregnancy. He said it weirded him out. After I gave birth, I didn't want to because birth can be brutal, and I was exhausted. All together, we went about 18 months before it got back to normal. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Tennessee didn't teach them anything? She was literally voted into office to represent the people that want her there!! The whole country is watching dummies

  5. She is not your responsibility. You should not feel guilty about anything. Distance yourself.

  6. I taped a piece of paper to my sliding glass door to stop the birds from flying into it, maybe try that?

  7. Had to award. This comment made me laugh way too much lmao

  8. I can imagine the personality type that would jump at this job. It will take almost no time before they realize it's a horrible idea, wonder how many kids will have to be beat up/shot before they backtrack.

  9. Showing them pictures of the child after being shot with a AR-15 would be more effective.

  10. I sadly agree. The Uvalde kids' 911 calls were heartbreaking, but it's necessary for people to hear.

  11. At first, I thought, no way! Had to be some kind of language miscommunication.

  12. And he's financing DeSantis. I keep trying to tell people this but they don't want to hear it.

  13. My thought also, Illinois wasn't working for him anymore. Florida ripe for the picking.

  14. AA growing more confident and more outspoken by the day. I love it.

  15. I thought it was bs the first time I heard he was running for president. I've always leaned left and hubby right. The recorded bus conversation "grab her in the pussy" turned hubby against him.

  16. So you sit there and record it and do anything you fucking pussy

  17. Recording it was the best choice, OP is safe, and the world gets to see what huge pieces of shit these two are.

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