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  1. Someone who practices 40 hours day is no ordinary npc

  2. Sorry for your loss, at that point you may need to get the plastic portion of your keys replaced. Next time you need to remove stickers you can use lighter fluid instead. It doesn't react with plastic.

  3. This is just sad, hoping that the open source chat gpt beng made by the devs at waifu diffusion will be better. I don't think the CAI devs are listening anytime soon.

  4. How is the cutting tool made? I'll assuming cute from hardr material? But then how is that material made and so forth?

  5. I dont get why people remove the crust, it's the best part imo. Ever since I was a kid I'd always go for the ends of the bread loaf.

  6. What does ot mean? Ive been seeing that phrase in random youtube comment sections too

  7. I would love to see more of these instead of the absolute mess that is the urban sprawl of dubai

  8. Gorgeous collection! Where did you manage to buy them?

  9. It's the anime proportions, notice how their heads as a whole are also so much larger than irl people.

  10. Brilliant, now we wait for boku girl anime

  11. https://twitter.com/ngym_penis/status/1583458554144468992

  12. Become a catgirl forever, I can fuck myself everyday that way.

  13. That artstyle is very distinct, I'm 100% sure that animation is made by Harutoshi.

  14. I already got you C1, Homa, Zhongli, and Yelan C2 with Aqua. What more do you want from me?!

  15. Me too, Im going for at least 1 homa refinement, then more yelan consts

  16. Yelan, I got stupid lucky on her banner, got her 3 times in a row + her weapon.

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