1. Marriage is the legal license to have sex. The couple have to engage in sexual intimacy and want it for the marriage the work. If they stray, then cheaters are bad - not the party who is unwilling to put out.

  2. The math doesn't work for me. If OOP is at 37 weeks, isn't she still two or even three weeks from her due date? His three weeks off might cover the baby's first week of life if the baby is on the early side. It's not like he's taking six weeks off, starting three weeks before her due date. (Even if that were the case, MIL's gift still seems insensitive.)

  3. I don't think he's on vacation currently. I think she just means that when she has the baby, he'll have a three week leave, and his mother planned a trip for the last two weeks of it.

  4. Good luck guessing when the reservations need to be, unless she's scheduled to be induced or have a caesarian section. As far as I know, it's really hard to plan anything around the timing of a first child's birth.

  5. Sure, you can have fun without alcohol. But the way OOP seems so baffled by the idea that adults like to have a couple beers at social events makes me wonder why she would want to plan something she's never attended before.

  6. OOP apparently forgot to emphasize that this would only be until the partner starts their next full-time job. I assume that’s what OOP meant, but was it said?

  7. I’m tempted to send OOP a statue of the Buddha or maybe a Pastafarian shrine (others would call it a “colander”).

  8. He thought they both wanted to have kids, and she was asking him about a vasectomy with no other context.

  9. I'm confused. The only drama we get are an absent sperm-donor who doesn't like paying child support (and thus wants custody) and a physically distant grandma disappointed it wasn't all about her? Where's the angst? Where are the overreactions? Is this still Reddit? /s

  10. Wait for it - in the next update, it will have transpired that her stepmom has a secret affair with the father of the baby, and is conspiring with him to get full custody, so they can run away together and she can finally have her own baby! At the moment, she is just playing nice and collecting evidence to nail OOP to the wall during the custody trial. 😈

  11. Librarians everywhere are hoping she starts knocking them off the shelf in protest.

  12. Why does the title refer to "8 figures" when the text clearly says 6 figures?

  13. I missed the 6 figures part in the story but cant change title after posting.

  14. It changed it from, "they're doing well," to "how stupid do they think we are?" only to realize, no, they don't think we're stupid after all. Sigh.

  15. I think I’m sorry I told you to fuck off is the answer the boss was looking for at the end of the one on one.

  16. Punctuation is as important in written communications as it is in computer code.

  17. Like a person trying to sell leather jackets in Arizona.

  18. Are they M.A.G.A. leather jackets? I mean, they'd be hot as heck in the desert, but those cultists will buy anything MAGA.

  19. I'm only a Reddit Armchair Psychologist, not a real one, but I think I see Borderline Personality Disorder, with a likely side of narcissism. Based on the comment about "moving down to England," I think the borderline in question is the Scottish southern border.

  20. This reminds me of the OOP who let a former coworker live with her for free until she got back on her feet, and the former coworker was telling other people that the OOP was abusive.

  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who also remembered that craziness.

  22. She's going to wonder why he doesn't invite her to the award ceremony when he wins the Fields Medal

  23. There's a reference to OOP's sitting at a table with his brothers and their spouses. Statistically, if there are multiple married couples there, kids would seem likely.

  24. Some of us, fortunately, have never encountered that term directly; we've only seen others use it.

  25. I mean it sounds like they did in fact nail him next time. Ideally he would never have had the opportunity to do it again but it sounds like OOP’s determination created enough of a record that when a peeper was reported again the cops immediately went “Hmm, I wonder if it’s this guy?”

  26. They nailed him a later time. I'm not willing to assume they nailed him the next time.

  27. What a lovely day to know how to read :-D So happy for them ! Cleaning my memory after yesterday's jar post 🙂

  28. Sometimes, wisdom is being able to sense that it's better not knowing.

  29. In the old days, yes. The Trump income tax law changes mean that alimony awarded after a specific date isn't deductible, but alimony from before that remains deductible.

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