1. This was a post about unpopular opinions, I have stated mine. I don't need to argue with you about why I don't like a blatant racist who gets a pass. Again if Taylor swift had said and done the stuff Rih has done nobody would want new music bc they wouldn't want a racist to profit more.

  2. Taylor swift has her own white feminism critiques and has (had?) a whole Nazi following that she posed with so maybe choose another woman for the comparison game

  3. You missed the point, yes Taylor swift is problematic and gets called out for it frequently as she should, Rihanna on the other hand has done blatant racist stuff and doesn't get called out at all.

  4. idk what circles you're in but I've seen rih get called out plenty whereas the literal Taylor/Nazi fan thing doesn't get mentioned ever

  5. This isn’t new and I don’t blame it on Kim. I blame it on men who call vaginas with large labia “roast beef pussy”

  6. how do you know if your labia is too big 😭 idk what size it's supposed to be. now I'm low-key freaking out

  7. I didn’t realize this sub hates Zach Braff. Did he do something I’m not aware of?

  8. I think it's mainly the age gap that makes people excited for her to be over with him

  9. I think Beyonce & Megan are more mentor/mentee than like equal friendship

  10. not a typo it's to indicate the dialect of how he speaks apparently

  11. rico?? i cant imagine her not bringing energy to concerts tf?

  12. She was doing the Carti WLR sound before Carti did. So he saw that and put her on tour thinking the similar sounds would mesh.

  13. thats so weird and interesting. covid def has left an impact on society (and i dont just mean in a physical health sense bc duh) and on younger kids. i think being distanced from actual real life people and more exposure to the internet has created a mindset of aggression 24/7 (combine that with just general puberty and hormones and whew) which sucks. i feel like overall we're leaning more conservative and into fascism so misogyny is on the up and up and its....a lot.

  14. her fued with the entirety of Ireland is....smth

  15. damn i probably cant do any weights either yall starting to make me feel bad

  16. Too many insecurities, I think. I'm curvy and he seems the kind of guy who enjoys skinny women. When we were 15 I confessed my feelings to him and he, in a very kind and sweet way, told me he didn't return my feelings. We haven't seen each other since. He doesn't even follow me on Instagram 😅 I am afraid he'd only see me as the petulant 13-year-old girl of his memories... And I'm afraid I'd come out as too intrusive after he told me he's not interested. I mean, it was 6 years ago, but it still burns for me. I also don't want to come off as desperate (which I actually am)... But I can't help thinking about him, although I believe he has kind of become the classic cis-straight guy I'm not into... Lots of mixed feelings 😭

  17. is it possible you're more attracted to the fantasy you've built than him?

  18. from what I understand threesomes fuck up a relationship if you get a third party one of you knows really well/see regularly etc. it's better to get a stranger - maybe pay a sex worker if you're really interested.

  19. I ran four miles on the beach this morning and I’m going paddle boarding later 😀 I’m an outside gworl. I also keep up with current events. I also keep up with pop culture. I contain multitudes, sweetie 😘

  20. how did you run on the beach I feel like that's most impressive. I get on the beach n I just sink in the sand or chill in the water

  21. I love the Taylor / Karlie Kloss one. Also as someone who makes PowerPoints regularly this one is excellent.

  22. I can hear Khloe in the background being like: I don't wanna stand in anyone's way of a happy family. I love Kimberly, I love Lamar so I love them together. I'm just focused on true, unnamed #2 and Tristan has been stepping up so much lately as trues dad

  23. I could never have gotten something like this around my mother! She was so on the ball!

  24. sounds like you had a good mom, I'm so happy for you! I'm glad she was able to protect you in ways other parents failed

  25. That's 30's ago England, you need to contextualise. To this day a 16+ dating someone in their 20's is not considered a problem...15 is borderline, but again, maybe it wasn't 30 years ago.

  26. even 30 years ago it was bad to be 27 and dating a 15 year old. like even then a normal 27 year old isn't attracted to a 15 year old

  27. The LoveMeg drama that's been going on lately has been *incredibly* juicy.

  28. I also feel shock that so many people are like “she said nothing wrong” and “I’ve said worse to my kids”. Not only is that bad parenting, the way she talks to her kids is beyond strange. I feel so sad for Britney, but that wasn’t normal behavior and far from good parenting.

  29. im praying the reason why theyre defending is because of a misguided attempt to protect britney after everything shes been thru bc like....if this many people are speaking to children like this im worried for these kids.

  30. I think you’re right. I think it’s ultimately coming from an empathetic place towards Britney. She has been through it and I can understand the strong feeling of empathy for her, but I’m worried it’s clouding peoples judgement at this point. Kevin was majorly in the wrong to post those private videos, but Britney also wasn’t acting appropriately in them. Those poor boys. What an awful fucking situation.

  31. its clear people dont know how to have nuance ab a disabled woman. like its possible for them to have been thru it whilst also doing fucked up shit bc like...people are nuanced its possible britney was in the wrong yall.

  32. zayn. i know he’s a trainwreck, but i’m pakistani-american and was a teenager during 1d’s heyday. specifically, i grew up in the conservative american south. seeing a pakistani kid actually make it as a mainstream celebrity meant a lot to me. so i have a soft spot for him even now, and i’m rooting for him to get his shit together. (also— i still maintain he was the best singer out of the og 5.)

  33. I'm w u entirely as a Pakistani girl myself 😭 maybe someday he'll get it together. he should've fought harder for mind of mine tho - that album had shooters!! everyone wanted to work w him! frank ocean liked his shit like!!

  34. so did tyler the creator - they were supposed to do a song together but he didn’t show up at the studio LMAO

  35. i fluctuate so much between wanting him to live his peaceful life and wanting to fistfight him bc like!!! how're u fumbling frank AND tyler like this zayn??

  36. I like her dress, ima take a day off from being a hater. Hope she had a good birthday 🫡

  37. I thought you said "I like her dress, ima take it off her later" and was gonna be like damn alright manifest your shot ig

  38. I had to witness it in person against my will

  39. WHAT? how? why? have they paid for your therapy as an apology?

  40. I wanna read it but I'm nervous for how triggering it's going to be so I'll wait a beat and let other folks review it first. am excited for her tho

  41. IMO extremely valid. Did not anticipate that, in my excitement. I feel like, as a first-day normie finisher, I both want to warn people and assure them it’s gorgeous.

  42. I appreciate that! I'm trying to be braver about navigating my triggers surrounding abuse n food so I'll try and read it but I have no doubt that if it's as honest as I suspect it is....it's gonna raise a lot of stuff. the blurbs I've read online....whew

  43. IDK what she's mad about. prove us wrong. drop music instead of hiding behind the perfectionism excuse bc why has Camilla dropped 3 albums in the span where she has dropped none? people are bound to get a lil annoyed at her for clamoring for Chris brown while giving fans nothing

  44. Presumably it is not HER decisions whether or not to drop music. We've seen in countless cases of labels shelving/delaying/dungeon-ing projects. It's looking more and more like that might be the case for her....

  45. you're right that could be the case but then I'm just a little more confused why she wanted to perform motivation at vmas and made a look of making it known that she wanted to perform on Twitter but won't say shit ab her album? like sza has made it known it's her label holding her album back. same w Chloe. normani not suggesting anything like that makes me wonder if she's holding herself back

  46. Oh thats a nice name! I'll pitch it to Jayden I'm sure they will love it

  47. I won't lie something ab you being Iranian American and embracing queerness makes me feel very.... emotional like! I'm so glad your kids aren't being forced to choose between queerness and culture bc truth be told our culture HAS queerness too! I'm so proud of you for prioritizing your kids 💞

  48. honestly? I'd be bitter as fuck too. I've been in situations where it looks like the other person keeps getting shit handed to them freely and it hurts. esp while you're being abused simultaneously it all just suffocates you ykno?

  49. I think it was a user here (most maybe?) who pointed out that she's just an insta model who sometimes dances and sings on the side and ever since I heard that....yeah. I've accepted she won't be a pop girlie rip

  50. The only thing I remember anything remotely about Tristan, Khloe and another man was when he went after Lamar for liking a picture of her. I don't remember him trying to get back with her. Oh wait, he wanted to get back with her so bad, he made an entire kid with someone else first.

  51. didn't trissy t literally go on Instagram and wrote on his story about how sorry he was and that he'd fight to win her trust?

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