1. A few of them being an initial order of 500. Pretty sure there are numerous other smaller companies testing them 2-3 at a time too.

  2. That was the order size, how many of then have they actually received?

  3. Article I read made it sound like they were all delivered at once.

  4. Curious were you read that. The only thing I've seen is musk refusing to to say how many.

  5. One can be conservative and all of the things you listed.

  6. Did she break the door just before this video started by opening the door to hard or far? Never seen a van like that and I'm not really sure what's going on.

  7. Maybe we should be a little less confident since we struggled with Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Our attitude is playing with fire.

  8. You can always tell someone knows nothing about actual world history when they make this argument...

  9. Winning battles doesn't mean shit if you stop making progress. Hence the war dragging on so long.

  10. There’s special washing bags for this. Here in the Netherlands the brand is called Guppyfriend. Maybe it’s an international brand.

  11. I'm highly skeptical that it's effective. It's made out of polyester. Even if it's breaks down slower than the clothing you wash in it and the plastic that comes off the clothing stays inside the bag, isn't that plastic just going to be all over the clothing when you take it out?

  12. Most of the fibers that break off collect in the seams and edges of the bag, so after it's dry you can vacuum it out or just peel it off with your fingers, into the trash. I find that it's only on some bras it will stick, but it clumps together so it's not hard to remove. It really does help. I clean my bag every 6-7 washes, not a chore IMO.

  13. You're still generating the microplastics and just throwing them in the garbage as opposed to diwn the drain. Seems pretty much like 6 of one half a dozen of the other. Not to mention you can't see most microplastics. Stuff you are peeling off sounds more like lint.

  14. If you got it less than 90 days ago just return it.

  15. Will they take it back if I have none of the packaging and no receipt?

  16. Receipt I think they can find with your phone number. No packaging I'm not sure about. Even if you just exchange for a working one.

  17. I might feel some slight sympathy if you had sources showing an increase in flights, but you live by an airport. It's going to be noisy.

  18. And they didn't even take the oil... How stupid of them...

  19. I remember reading somewhere (probably Reddit) that there was a large "empire" of sorts before the Europeans arrived in North America. The early reports from explorers stated that there was so much smoke from fires along the coast it was visible for miles. However upon return, the amount had drastically declined. It's believed that the Indigenous people were going through their own Black Plague event.

  20. Don't need a bunch of fires for smoke to be visible for miles. One campfire can be visible for miles. Another explanation if it was truly a huge amount of smoke is a forest fire.

  21. Respect for apologizing. It's an important thing to reflect and take ownership.

  22. Not really taking ownership since they made a throwaway and deleted it.

  23. Last time i killed a torx bit there was debate about how and why and what with so i figure this time ill post the crime scene photos. Pulling the step on a 2021 international LT to replace the dpf all the screws are t40 torx screwed into u nuts. In this instance its a milwaukee bit driver with dewalt adapter. 2nd from last bolt, luckily i have that size in 1/4” bit as well. Before someone suggests otherwise they are rated for impact use too.

  24. Ya, I think it was coated with something. Run my fingers on it and some thick stuff rubbed off. Seems to me that it had something coating it to protect it from rust?

  25. You can see where large areas of rust flaked off before they applied that stuff. Not saying I wouldn't still buy, but there is some amount of rust under that stuff.

  26. Did they just....not install a headgasket grom factory? Or maybe they just mix the coolant and oil ahead of time to lubricate and cool.

  27. They were installing headgaskets backward on some replacement engines.

  28. Strangely this was discovered some time in the 70s when Amphion-class submarines would vent battery compartments into the engine intakes, obviously it doesn't count that a bunch of navy dudes know it but when engineers discover it it's obviously better.

  29. Isn't it likely that when the engineers designed it to vent into the intake they knew the hydrogen would burn in the engine?

  30. You would fuck up their personal property because they used a parking spot not authorized for their vehicle??? They would be in ther spot even longer at that point.

  31. You can let the air out of tires without causing and damage. Just take off the valve stem cap and push down on the valve.

  32. The side that us damaged appears to be the wiring harness for the coils, may or may not connect to other things as well.

  33. I posted a better picture of where’s its cut and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere else but I could be wrong

  34. You can pop the cover off this to get a better idea were its running from. I was thinking coils, but only seeing three wires makes me think that is the something else and the harness is running from the other side of the engine.

  35. Is it on air or hydraulic lift suspension? Ride height looks wildly different in those photos.

  36. If it's an MR2 turbo there's no need to do an engine swap. Tune and some bolts and your well over 250.

  37. Only problem with wright is where do you buy them? How do you wrranty? The brand has no presence outside their industrial market

  38. You buy them online from any number of retailers. Non-rarcheting wrenches very rarely break, never seen anyone I work with break one. You would call their customer service or go through the retailer.

  39. How often does the icon stuff go on sale? I feel like I saw some 10 or 20% off randomly, but not BF for some reason.

  40. Absolutely, and for the most part I don’t but there seems to be a clear disparity in this scene that I have high hopes it can change in the future

  41. If any historically marginalized group feels like they don't belong and shouldn't go to a show because if that then there are issues. Though I would argue the reason it's not diverse has more to do with the society overall and how it affects people's taste in music, more than it has to do with the jam scene itself.

  42. I went to go visit my brother in Washington state a few years back. Him and I went to a place to get a couple of bacon, egg, and cheeses. We got to the counter, ordered, and the woman at the counter proceeded to ask us if we wanted “mayo or mustard” on our sandwiches. My brother and I looked at each other in complete horror and said to her “ketchup” and she looked at us like we had 10 heads for a few moments before she refused to put ketchup on it and just threw some packets in a bag… the west coast is a hell hole

  43. Have to say I respect that woman. There are certain things they don't belong on certain sandwiches. Mayo on an italian for example.

  44. GTFO - c'mon oil n vinegar + mayo is a classic hoagie order.....in the philly burbs.

  45. I'm not knocking oil vinegar and making as a combo. I've had it on there subs, but it doesn't belong on an Italian.

  46. Seems like they're just picky about which shows they put on Nugs. Only about half of this year's shows are up.

  47. Not sure that it's Nugs. From what I can tell JRAD uploads the soundboards all of the shows that are on Nugs onto archive.org, but I haven't seen any soundboards that are just on one or the other.

  48. I am referring about Soundboards not auds. Bugs and Tidal have a ton..they are just slow to upload.

  49. The official sound boards that get uploaded to nugs also get uploaded to archive.org at the same time possibly sooner. You can even download cd quality and 24 bit versions of the soundboards. JRAD gives the stuff away. There are also lots tapes available.

  50. Looks like they are making a y-pipe and haven't yet cut out a place for the next section to be welded on.

  51. Idk might be but I make exhaust every day and Starting out like that ant gana flow for shit

  52. Definitely not a professional job, but I don't think this is finished.

  53. Aren’t these the people who complain that no one wants to work anymore? Why aren’t they at work? Who has time to play dress up in the middle of the day? Go to work and mind your business.

  54. It was a Saturday. Lots of people have Saturdays off.

  55. Dumb people are useful. Thats why they dont like smart cops.

  56. Dumb people follow orders without question until someone convinces them to do something else instead. They are dumb after all.

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