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  2. The price of my local Sainsbury's 7/11 1 litre store branded Spanish olive oil last time I purchased it in April was £3.99. Price today: £7.10! Needless to say I did not buy it.

  3. Back to good old British Lard it is then eh?

  4. The fascinating thing is no matter which you look at it and no matter which side you come down on in the debate, it basically comes down to victim blaming…

  5. I've posted about this before. If a group of people stand in front of my car when I'm on a road, they're trapping me. I can't get out the car as likely I'll have my kids inside. It's unsafe to leave as there's motorbikes and traffic. I own the car so I can't just leave it - it might get damaged / it's illegal to abandon it on a road / a danger to others. They're not just delaying me, they're obstructing me. Preventing me from leaving.

  6. Yea people keep incorrectly defining Scotland/England/Wales as countries for sure.

  7. Constitutionally they're 'constituent countries' aren't they, which is a separate status.

  8. Don’t forget Yorkshire has a similar population to Scotland, and just as much unique history and Culture, so Yorkshire should have the same amount of say as Scotland.

  9. The SNP would argue that only parts of the UK with the magical label of 'country' get to have the same amount of say as Scotland.

  10. Follow-up where the public are offering support:

  11. TNG cost around 12-14m to fully remaster to HD and Paramount lost money on it so its doubtful they would do if for DS9 or Voyager unless it was a half ass AI upscale remaster done for cheap and the fans would end up hating anyways.

  12. The 'paramount lost money on it' line seems more like an accounting issue than a pure profit loss issue.

  13. I still believe candy crush ruined iPod/iPhone gaming. It was one of the first free games that utilized in app purchases. Ever since that game and business model blew up, every developer and their mother decided to go that route. I go into the game section and it’s all puzzle games. It’s been that way for years. Apple has tried to fix it with Apple Arcade but the damage is done. They allowed that to happen and now the App Store is plagued with matching and puzzle games

  14. There are still some real gems but the curation is shit. Apple doesn’t want to hurt its app sellers. But they could if they’re wanted to have the equivalent of Apple Music playlists of games.

  15. in the old days, the iPod touch era, i would legit browse the charts for silly games

  16. Same here. What changed? What do we do instead I wonder?

  17. Elon would know what 88 means in internet culture etc. there was no more context to give, it was a post he made off the cuff.

  18. What is the main goal of the UK; the purpose that drives our nation forward - what do we want to achieve?

  19. Wellcome collection now permanently closing a free exhibit due to their bizarre radical progressivism

  20. Oh that's a shame. It was a great exhibition and a very unique museum. The way things were exhibited it made you think and a dig a bit deeper. The staff were good at giving context to it all too.

  21. The Brexit-obsessed cadre of politicians have really damaged the UK. They've made the UK weaker, poorer and less resilient.

  22. The writing is another level in this game. And the setting is so spot-on. I just like being in it.

  23. Yeah that version is proper head-nodding trance and a great example of its time.

  24. In those parts of Ukraine which have been liberated and which border Russia, is Ukraine doing any bombing / sorties into Russia itself to tie up forces or stretch Russian troops?

  25. The economy is struggling - when will the government unleash all the Brexit benefits to help it?

  26. So I got falsely banned on Twitter, and ofc Twitter didn't even bother to respond to the appeal I made. So I decided to make a new account and so far nothing has happened I'm just curious would be okay if I log into Twitter with my new account? Even though I've logged into my old account with my banned twitter before and my phone number is attached to my old account?

  27. I’d the platform is this badly managed - based on the issues on the thread here - it’s probably time to leave. Reddit is far superior for discussion.

  28. That's hardly true. It's good for discussion that doesn't push any boundaries, but the second you do, goodnight sweet prince.

  29. That’s probably fair. It’s fine for totally mainstream conversations without any possibility for misinterpretation. The moderation is awful and seems to just be keywords in a tweet and someone hitting a report button and the automation takes over

  30. I've thought for a long time that with some work to build up corridors between exmoor and dartmoor that the south west could support viable populations of several species extinct in England but still living in scotland and Wales. Obviously this would take a lot of work (including measures to prevent breeding with domestic cats) but I would very much like to see something like this.

  31. If they breed so easily / well with domestic cats, then are we interfering with evolution unnecessarily by attempting to maintain the existence of an feline which wants to breed with other kinds of cats?

  32. I believe an increasing opinion among conservationists is that interbreeding only happens if wildcat density is low (as it is in Scotland due to limited available habitat and a long history of persecution), meaning they have difficulty finding alternative suitable mates. Wildcats at normal densities will even kill feral cats on occasion. So if a large enough area of suitable habitat exists that can support enough wildcats, the reintroduction might be viable.

  33. Looks like the chancellor has embraced magical thinking to allow him to live with his decisions.

  34. Hilarious that the highest ever migration figures were under Tory governments (2015 was the previous record). Also must suck for the government it wasn’t 499,999. Literally above half a million might be only a few thousand more than that but psychologically it feels so much more.

  35. It’s also probably an easy win. An election in 2 years will allow a few more years for Hong Kongers to arrive so their component of net new arrivals will taper off. Same with Ukrainians (you would hope for their sake). So simply reducing it should be possible just with those two elements alone.

  36. Stature in society over the last 50 years has gradually changed from what you've achieved, to how you're perceived. As marketing ramped up, advent of television, written media with bias and editorials, brand experts and now the complete illusion of reality via social media. Society has been hugely damaged as a result of all of this, people are simultaneously taken in by it all, and also opposed to it all, it makes them doubtful and more isolationist, but also participating in the consumption and production of perception based material.

  37. Agreed. See Linkedin. Never seen so many CEO AND FOUNDERS. THOUGHT LEADERS. There's a cult of entrepreneurship where young people are pressure into pretend they're already wealthy whilst risking what money they have on Crypto, FX trading and and whatever scam of the week there is. Millions of people have been convinced that being a millionaire is just around the corner and if they can just get that entrepreneurial mindset, they will be rich.

  38. "A government spokesperson said it was committed to taking full advantage of the benefits of Brexit"

  39. Nothing tangible. Brexit is basically right wing tory fan-fiction. It's happened now and there are no benefits. But no-one in the tory party can admit it was and still is a bad decision. Even the majority of labour won't.

  40. I think if the SNP and the close to 50pc of voters who want a referendum and the sizeable proportion of that 50pc who want independence, focussed efforts on convincing unionists and that Indy is a good idea, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  41. The UK isn’t a country, it’s an island nation and a sovereign state made up of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales which are countries in their own right.

  42. So he's admitting that the platform is starving? Good, please let it die. I want nothing more for Christmas than to see this man fail again.

  43. If I was a hardcore nat, I'd be wondering why stick with Sturgeon? You can't go down the UDI route but there's certainly things the SNP leadership could do to be a bit more bold in putting forward their views on indy, given they are in government and have most of the Westminster seats.

  44. lol at Sturgeon saying the next uk election is a de facto referendum. Good old FPTP.

  45. I’m biased but, rather than a fixed time period, I would suggest a new referendum is permitted when there is a significant constitutional change within the U.K. Brexit, abolition of the House of Lords, change of voting system etc etc

  46. So if the UK was going to rejoin the EU, there should be a Scottish indyref to see if Scotland wanted to leave the UK and remain outside the EU?

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