1. Install ds4 ist a software to recognice your controller everywhere and u can set custom keybinds, helps a lot for games that are not on steam, because a lot dont recognize the inputs without ds4

  2. Maybe there are only 3,4 and 5s on that dice

  3. Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it CUM fuck

  4. My mums dog did that also, and it messed up.her teeth so much, so maybe be careful and dont let it do her too much

  5. Make some banana milk or so, much energy in little volume and i mostly have good experiences with it on acid

  6. Lmfao who said I played rugby? No one. I’m in the gym a lot. Maybe you should fix your idea of petite then😘

  7. Are whites pink? If so too much red, you can adjust colors of many of today's monitors within their menu.

  8. yeah i tried that in that menue but didnt really help, but i changed the temperature of the color in my gpu driver settings and now it seems alright

  9. I'd return it. but if you download the software for your gpu, you can change the color values

  10. yeah fixed it with color temperature thanks man

  11. But daaamn his music is fire, and if you would watch his content, you notice he is one of the most chilled person ever and not fucked up

  12. I dont get it how people dont get it

  13. Wow, new expansion seems very good maybe the revival of wow

  14. Kinda doubt it if you should have a dog if you ask on reddit for a name for him/her..

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