1. Can you use the snow talk buttons to access Siri/Google assistant?

  2. I've not been able to get that to work and can't find any documentation regarding it either:

  3. I know it's already on here, but for a multi-day trip a good boot dryer is a must. Nothing to ruin a trip quicker than putting on soggy boots before your first run

  4. I know I'm late, but do you have a boot dryer that you recommend? Trying to find a good one to take on a trip soon.

  5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer, Orange

  6. I know what you wear doesn’t matter, but can’t help to want to see what others think.

  7. Burton AK gear is solid. Wear what you like, there's lots of styles on the mountain.

  8. Go stay at the Ritz in Niseko. Endless powder and top service all around.

  9. What's a run that you've been on that feels the most challenging so far?

  10. Realistically need months of training and days on the mountain to not have sore legs during a week of snowboarding. Even then, 4 days is probably the max before a rest day is needed.

  11. Quick search on Amazon for "coffee tea bags" and you'll find a few of them. Even some you can make using your own coffee grinds.

  12. Get there early, park in the top paid parking lot (to be close to the gondola), and take the call in your car. Going to be your best option.

  13. Spend more time on the steep slopes. It's a matter of experience in the steeps and making steep feel normal and nothing to be afraid of.

  14. Purchased a bottle of Whiskey that broke in luggage during travel back home. AMEX covered the full cost of the bottle at $150. The process for me was straight forward and simple.

  15. I'd expect between .50 and .70 for a solid team that works with similar clients.

  16. On white cars, black badges just look so clean and provide an excellent contrast. I wouldn't put black badges on a dark car.

  17. Save both of you the stress and relationship tension, take a group lesson together.

  18. I've do find that we can spread very little wax over entire boards.

  19. Yes, you can melt all the scrapped wax and use it again as long as it's not "dirty" wax.

  20. Oh sorry I should clarify— not gotten to scraping yet, I’m still waiting for it to dry and cool off fully!

  21. Got it. Not completely necessary to let it cool completely, you can scrape before it's fully cooled. I usually start scraping as soon as I've melted all the wax across the whole board. The end result is a very thin layer across the whole board, so you don't really need to use a ton of wax, the amount you use is more about technique (drip vs. crayon, etc.).

  22. Keep scraping until no more wax comes off. It's much more scraping than you think.

  23. Yea, that's the video if you want to be full nerdy about waxing your board. I use that as a reference and scale back depending on tools, time, and preference.

  24. Is there any source to this? I've not heard this before

  25. https://endlessrushoutdoors.com/do-i-need-to-wax-a-new-snowboard/

  26. I've had some PlusPoints automatically refunded and also some cases where I needed to call United to have them refund a non-cleared PlusPoints upgrade, so it depends.

  27. ask says:

    The PPs aren’t “spent until the upgrade clears so isn’t the refund moot? (They will just be in “requested” state until the flight).

  28. I had a situation where a dual upgrade was requested (economy to either premium plus or Polaris) and only premium plus cleared, but the extra PlusPoints for Polaris were never redeposited and I had to call to get them refunded.

  29. Write a check to a good estate planning attorney, it's not worth the DIY approach.

  30. Presumably I could use the same approach for a buddy and just use PP just like I normally would for someone not myself, right?

  31. Yup. The plus points weren't mine, but my partners.

  32. Woohoo! That’s great! I paid 150K miles last month for Polaris 😪 I didn’t even know to try something like this

  33. I honestly wasn't sure if paying for the upgrade on an award ticket would allow a second plus points upgrade request, but I am definitely happy it all worked out.

  34. JN is a standard award, I is a saver award. They are identical in every respect except for fare code (and cost, obviously).

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