1. Check the US buying guide. 42-48” will QN90B, C2, A90K etc. Most name brands have issues with cheaper models up to a certain level.

  2. I had a European model QN90B until about a week ago on the latest update and it was way too bright on the windows desktop with HDR enabled.

  3. I don’t know how the TV network system works in Canada. I wish they were running something similar to US local channel affiliates instead of CNN. That would have been more of varied use and closer to most “normal” usage cases.

  4. I'm assuming they are using CNN because it's like the ultimate burn in test.

  5. Exactly. This isn’t a burn-in test. When they did previously, the main unanswered question was how is it with varied content. Given burn-in is cumulative, it would have been good to see how bad is it with varied contents.

  6. I only want a Hard Day’s Night but it goes from 24.95 to 37.00 after standard shipping and tax. Shipping fees should really not exist.

  7. Ridiculous. The guy never owned a tv. He doesnt need all the marketing crap. A base tv of a good size will be more than enough.

  8. It has to be. The caption is dead giveaway, as if the photo wasn't enough. Given A24's $60 (after shipping in US) barebones 4K version announced today Arrow likely has the UK rights and wanted to get the word out before people in the UK pay out the ass for an imported version.

  9. Wait for the reviews of all the 2023 OLEDs, especially G3 and A95L. Or get the Sony A95K.

  10. Check the US buying guide rather than creating 4 posts in hours. Either buy anything from there or buy whatever looks good to you.

  11. A simple search of the sub could have saved you from creating this wall of text. X90K. There are 100+ posts about these TVs.

  12. Have you tried Similans on First St in Cambridge?

  13. There are lots of people who can’t wall mount, won’t wall mount. Making 3-4 versions of a model doesn’t make any sense and a headache for retailers. I never see the OS of my TV unless my dog taps/sits on the Home/Netflix buttons.

  14. Very true. I’m not discounting the hundreds of thousands of users who utilize these features. I’m thinking about the tens of thousands of users, many of which may be in this sub, who just want the premium panel and picture quality tv manufacturers are making. Purely a hypothetical that caters to the wants of a specific genre of user.

  15. Mass drives the business decisions mostly, not niche. And when companies cater to niche, products tend to be overpriced because of low demand, not cheaper.

  16. Vincent from HDTVtest demonstrated how mini-LED can crush more shadow detail than OLED

  17. I think you're referring to the C1 vs QN95A video. And QN95A indeed lost shadow details compared to C1.

  18. For events like these, it's more important to me if the kids are happy or not. We take our nephews out for movies during Christmas, and as long as they are having fun, I don't care,

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