1. Adum should do this podcast by himself. The other two are as dry as dinosaur bones

  2. It’s not going to flop. It’s HBO which already has a ton of subscribers who have nothing better to do than watch this, and TLOU already has a huge fanbase who have nothing better to do than watch this. So it will be a huge hit

  3. Neil said he has already written the script, but Sony has not given him greenlight.

  4. Park chan wook has a new detective thriller out “decision to leave”

  5. Not listened to a podcast in long time. Is this like prime 2015 joe Rogan or how it is now

  6. If agree with right wing talking points and wild unsubstantiated theories then you will like this

  7. Not as shocking but in the same vain Cleopatra lived closer to the invention of the iPhone than the building of the Pyramids.

  8. Especially if you believe that the pyramids were built 20,000+ years ago

  9. Ravens fan here. I feel your pain, and the flock is pulling for y’all. Until we meet in the playoffs!

  10. If you’re a ravens fan why are you lurking our sub mid week and commenting on a normal ass post?

  11. The legacy of tlou was ruined forever as soon as abby was introduced imo.

  12. Even though Druckmann himself is involved, along with a crew that has an impressive résumé.

  13. My friend works at hbo and he said to me that troy is playing david.

  14. My friend works at spacex and he said elon is building a twitter HQ on jupiter.

  15. Unfortunately this isnt the first time neil has driven his colleagues away

  16. I only need 13 more points from allen davis and knox combined, you think it wouldnt be this hard smh

  17. Did rodgers do some voodoo shit in the halftime locked room. Wtf

  18. Has the weather ever been this bad during yankee postseason? Not that i can remember. This has got to be negatively affecting us right?

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