1. I really loved Gyo, but since you don’t have that uzumaki is a very close second. Really loved black paradox too

  2. The funny thing is that Disney is so stupidly fake woke that this doesn’t even make much sense

  3. Idk if this is controversial but I absolutely hate mr.hankey. I am very happy that he doesn’t show up anymore. Nothing was lost from the show when he was canceled.

  4. Honestly I kinda suspect people don’t like this album because love is the answer just doesn’t fit with its narrative. It’s fun as hell and I will die on the hill that in the mall and trippin down the freeway are at least B tier Weezer

  5. I love we are all on drugs actually. The opening guitar and the solo are pretty epic. Not a fan of my best friend tho

  6. As much as I want yellow guy to win, I feel like meowbah would say something shitty and yellow would cry.

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