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  1. ADT’s Instagram account shows several dogs wearing this style of harness. One of their policies is that they will review social media posts to ensure they are compliant with the rules so that would allow me to assume that style of harness is acceptable. They are very responsive to emails so you could always shoot them a message and ask to be sure.

  2. Great to know, thank you so much! Out of curiosity, what harness do you use? I realized a bit after I posted this that the julius-k9 rubs under his armpit a bit harder than it did with my old dog, so it might be best to just get another anyways. And I did go ahead and pick him up a 4ft leash yesterday on your recommendation, thank you so much! I'm keeping the 6ft on hand for the eventual loose leash test.

  3. I have the PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness from Amazon. It’s well made and has a bunch of different adjustment points so you can adjust it but they are a little hard to move. We finally got it right. We used a Balance Harness for a lot of his training and it worked well too. I really liked the Kong Ultra padded harness because it was very soft but my dog is a bully and has a massive head so it was nearly impossible to get it fitted right because it goes over the head instead of buckling around the neck.

  4. I have a frenchton who is nearly 40lbs. He’s long and tall. He could probably stand to lose a couple of pounds but he’s healthy and active. We were on a therapy visit earlier this week and one of his patients said “that’s the fattest Boston terrier I’ve ever seen in my life someone should take him for a walk.” We’ll be skipping that room next time.

  5. I don’t have experience with medications but I do recall the one time I ordered something from Europe that came through New York customs it took a long time to clear. I’ve never had anything else take as long as it did and that was in the before covid times.

  6. Second this. Baker’s joy works wonders, just apply it liberally.

  7. I totally get it has to be the owners choice, it would just be nice to hear something a little reassuring like “you wouldn’t be doing wrong by your dog to choose euthanasia now” (or something like that.) I guess that’s what I came here for. Thanks for your help!

  8. I’ve lost two very senior dogs since April of last year. The first was in a similar condition to your boy and honestly felt like i let it go on a little too long. She was ready, but I wasn’t. She couldn’t walk anymore at all at the end and we just waited too long. The second had a heart murmur and had lost a ton of weight but she was doing pretty good. One day she came in from outside and started coughing and I could tell she was struggling to breath. She was in congestive heart failure and even after treatment she was struggling. We could have maybe given her more time and a longer chance but I knew i didn’t want to see her stuff and struggle so we made the decision to let her go the next day. Both absolutely sucked and I questioned it but I knew I was doing the right thing. You will be doing the right thing too. You’ll be taking that pain for him. Get him some good food and do some things he likes and just be there for him.

  9. I’ve had it for about 7 years. The cost was very similar to shingles at the time, although they are pretty common in my area and also manufactured locally so that may have made it cheaper. I worried about the noise and impact to cell service but neither have been an issue. It’s not any louder at all. We do have an attic so that may dampen some of the noise. So far we’ve been very happy with it.

  10. Really hoping Home Depot restocks those 12 foot skeletons!!

  11. I had been checking mine every other day but didn’t think I’d have a shot. Just happened yesterday to catch them as they were shifting the pallets around on Saturday morning and they let me buy one.

  12. Definitely house flies. We're on a half acre with plenty of space between houses, but, no, everyone house including ours is very neat and tidy.

  13. Do you use your sliding door a lot? I’m shocked every year by the number that get in just from the sliding glass door and letting the dogs in and out and maybe leaving it open for a couple of minutes here and there. We got a dog door insert for the sliding door this year and have had far less flies than normal.

  14. Got rid of the purse completely. It’s rare I would be carrying enough stuff that i really need that would require a bag. I just carry a small pocket size wallet. Occasionally I’ll carry a Fanny pack and I still have a few purses if I really need them.

  15. I retired from a local hospital and always LOVED seeing our therapy dogs with their badges snd everything! Your boy will be a wonderful one! I know you're proud!! ❤️

  16. So proud! Hopefully we can get our hospital badge one day soon.

  17. I won't bug you again but I can say this - Ive never encountered a Boston terrier therapy dog (usually labs or retrievers, etc.) so when people see a precious Boston, their hearts will be doubly warmed! Be blessed!

  18. People really do seem to get a kick out of him being a bull and not your normal therapy dog type of dog. His personality is just so perfect for therapy work. I’m not sure if I could get my full Boston there because she’s so mouthy but we’re going to gently work towards it and see how it goes.

  19. When I got my boy there was a very noticeable change right at 6 weeks. It was around the time we started obedience training. He started getting mischievous and a little wild. He was stealing everything he could get his mouth on and taking it to his kennel or outside. It was funny, and he was still a puppy, but I thought I’d broken my sweet boy. I posted a picture of him with something in his kennel one day and his former owner told me he used to do that with the kids toys, he’d take everything to his kennel. So I didn’t break him, it just took that long for him to settle in enough to show more of his personality. We got a new girl about 2 months ago, she’s almost two and has seemed very comfortable since we brought her home but I’m just waiting for something to pop up. So far the only thing is that her brother seems to have taught her to steal shoes and take them to the crate.

  20. I burned my hand and dislocated my shoulder in our first first Agility class with a long line. Entirely my fault as I should have just dropped the leash, the long line was more just to catch him. So glad he now has perfect recall in class so we don’t have to use them.

  21. I have a floppy eared frenchton. At first I was hoping they’d pop but now I’m glad they didn’t. He looks so cute with his floppy ears and it really keeps people guessing on what mind of dog he is.

  22. What companies have learned this? That doesn’t seem to be my experience as a customer of many of these companies.

  23. I work for a large bank and have trained people to take over my job oversees several times but those jobs still exist onshore. What we normally see is an onshore team supporting the offshore team and maybe a slight reduction in staff and then maybe they’ll start increasing onshore jobs and slowly reducing offshore and then maybe try another department or skill set.

  24. My agreement (large bank) was basically the same. They used to do random home inspections but they switched them to be over Zoom with very short notice.

  25. We are training my frenchton for flyball and he nails the jumps so beautifully. He can run super fast when he wants to and gets down low. He raced a full size poodle one day and came with in a few inches of beating him.

  26. I see a gross lack of empathy in some of these comments. I understand being frustrated over losing out on money for hotels and travel, but no one forced anybody to buy anything? Shit happens. Ela is obviously going through a lot of shit and as someone who's never seen RKS before, I'd much rather have her take the time now to get back to 100% before the band plays any shows again, rather than have something worse happen to her or the rest of the band down the line. Being a full time musician, especially during a pandemic, must be exhausting in its own way. I feel bad for anyone who spent lots of money and now can't see the band, but RKS were not looking to screw you over specifically. This situation sucks for everyone.

  27. A few years ago I went to a show and a few days later someone in the band passed. It really sucked to think about how the pressures of touring may have led to that happening and our collective complicity in that. Not seeing your favorite band is a bummer but much better than losing the chance to ever see them again because something really bad happens. I just hope Ella gets what she needs and can come back when she is healthy and able.

  28. They will blow the horn frequently coming into downtown either way because there have been several accidents where people have gotten hit. I have no idea what the schedule is but where I live is a probably about a mile from the tracks and the only time I can actually hear it late at night.

  29. I honestly don’t know. I’m far enough away that I only hear it if everything lines up right. Now that I’m thinking about it, the train tracks that run right along the tweetsie trail aren’t very active so I don’t think it would be a major issue. I’m thinking more of the tracks that run downtown which are further away from that area. You’ll be able to hear those a too but it shouldn’t be a nuisance.

  30. Have you considered that perhaps you were handed the wrong thing?

  31. I got this pizza last week two and it looked the same as OPs. My friend got one from a different location and it looked similar to the picture. Maybe because it’s new they are not making it right.

  32. Slipknot - Mudvayne - Tool - Modest Mouse - Primus - Modest Mouse

  33. TOOL has been my favorite band since around 2006/2007 but now it flips back and forth between Modest Mouse and TOOL.

  34. I want to do this with my Dog when I get one (hopefully before Halloween) I wonder what the specific training is called

  35. This would be a therapy dog and the required training depend on the requirements of the facility. My dog is a certified therapy dog through Alliance of Therapy dogs. We did about 6 months worth of training obedience and engagement/sports training before we tested for our certification. The dog must be at least a year old and have been with its handler for 6 months. Some hospitals may require additional testing or certifications. Some therapy dogs are trained to complete a specific tasks like comforting patients during procedures but most are just trained to be well behaved good dogs. When my dog gets a little older we’ll probably look into reading and hospital programs. He’s not quite two yet and is still pretty excitable. For now we mostly do assisted living facility visits. If your dog has a a good temperament and likes meeting people and other dogs they will already be on the right track.

  36. How long has it been? I’m about 7 years as of this month. There’s stretches of good and bad and occasionally feels like it’s going away.

  37. 2 years for me. I’ve done insoles, always wearing shoes, going barefoot, PT, regular strength training. Stretching, massage. It all helps the pain somewhat but none of it seems to actually be healing. I was running and walking 5 days a week before this and now I can’t do anything. I asked my doctor yesterday to refer to me an podiatrist because I think it’s a bigger issues with my ankle stability. I’m really hoping to get some answers.

  38. I got Botox for the first time just a few days ago and feel like absolute death. Completely bed bound. I'm desperately trying to find out if anyone else who has experienced this got it again and had the same thing second time or if this is just a first time thing?

  39. Do you feel better now? I got dysport in February and had no side effects at all. I got it again Wednesday and have felt sick the last two days with cold symptoms. Negative for covid on a PCR test. I got it primarily for jaw clenching which I loved but this has worried me a little.

  40. Seems to me it's a solid lesson in telling your kids the truth about their biological parentage. OOP's parents had nothing to be ashamed of but kept it a secret anyway.

  41. Yeah this. A lot of family secrets can tumble out even if your close relatives haven’t tested. My brother took a test and found out he has a half sister his parents never told him about, me. He’s been pretty cool about it but I know they were stressed about not telling their kid about me for years and there was no reason for that.

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