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  1. Gonna make a hork barb and see if I can get some early returns running trav

  2. Was thinking horker as well, but find some pub TZ games and just hork away.

  3. Warehouse confirms before the Citi pre-sale? That shows as 2/14 with general sale beginning 2/17

  4. Yes, my understanding is you will know section and row. But you won’t know seat assignment until tickets are in hand.

  5. Guess target for confirmation should be 2/10 or 2/13 range. Either way, right around the corner.

  6. Not really. People normally like 12fhr on skillers for caster characters. Id imagine a 10/AR/FHR still being worth a decent bit

  7. Crazy thing is, it's level 21. Just don't know enough about the LLD scene to know if FHR even matters in lld

  8. I had a buddy that embedded flash games in excel. Used to play mini golf

  9. Not when you're in the back row of a bunch of cubes lol. I'd have legit work on sheets 2 and 3 just in case lol

  10. Hopefully you roll 1k defense. Is it a 35/13?

  11. At this point, I'll go through the effort. Lyft won't do anything else and all they have is that damn chat

  12. Wouldn't this fall into burden of proof territory? As in, how can lyft prove this was caused by OP? Even if the timestamp on photo aligns, what's to say the driver didn't spill his yogurt dinner in the backseat...

  13. Furthermore, he didn't check the gun to see what it was loaded with once it was given to him. I've never been given a firearm and not checked to see if it was loaded. He handled it in a way where it was aimed at another person which is something I would never feel comfortable with even if it was loaded with blanks.

  14. This, this right here. If I am handing a weapon to someone, the very first thing I do is confirm no live rounds are in the magazine or chamber, in front of the person I am handing it to. Alec can claim ignorance, but there was a duty to know what was in chamber. And second, even if it were blanks, why the hell was it either pointed at or in direction of the woman struck?

  15. You are not an actor or in film production. Everything you said is 100% wrong.

  16. I was curious and thinking. It seems all these miners use river or stream water that is recycled through settling ponds and eventually released back to the rivers hence the permitting.

  17. Think the issue still remains with said water getting introduced back into the river. Remember, this whole thing gained attention when Tony decided to use the bingo bango method for cleaning up a spill.

  18. But that is what I mean. Say you make your operation independent of the river. You dont draw water from it, nor dump in it. Tony has more then enough land to move dirty water into a pond and just let it evaporate.

  19. The only way you make a holding pond decoupled from a water source is to line the pond, therefore preventing any ground contamination. You can't accomplish that with a dredge... And if your pond has water mixed with say diesel, now that is leeching into the ground even if water evaporates. I'm by no means a nimby, but the ones holding the keys have quite a bit of leverage

  20. and AI and whatever shit is responsible for this is scary

  21. Any time defenestration can be thrown into a conversation, I'm listening lol

  22. This is one of those things that irks me. Fred worked at Parker's site, he saw how a hopper feeder plus grizzly bars worked. Problem with inconsistent feeding of sluice box? Get a hopper feeder. Problem with large boulders, install grizzly bars.

  23. Between Tony and Parker, you're talking about mostly well-oiled machines of mine sites. Strip, transport pay, sluice, weigh. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I personally enjoy the other aspects that are covered, eg Tony buying belly scrapers to form a new road. The follies of Fred and the Wayward Clayton brothers just fill air time. How can Warren by himself get more production in one week vs an entire crew? He got through 1k yards in a day and averaged 2 per 100 yards. How is that not possible 5 days a week ?

  24. Almost 14 ounces in 14 hours that's not that bad

  25. For tailings that required zero stripping, an ounce per hundred is still profitable. No D10/D11 costing you $10k a day

  26. Repeat after me: the IRS did NOT hire 87k gun toting agents. The agency doesn't even have 87k employees.

  27. Every $1 invested in the IRS by this yields $1.80 in returns and they think that's a bad thing.

  28. Of course it's a bad thing. Taxation means less $$ spent for their causes!

  29. Talk about watering down the title of Managing Director...

  30. Got any gear with prevent monster heal? That may help dclone from re-fueling

  31. I'm only seeing the free tool. I don't see anything at HD about the free battery

  32. I managed to buy the 2x 5AH battery deal at HD and got one free tool.

  33. Trust me it is. It’s my office lol. Right off the armored car

  34. Are you allowed to order large dollar coins?

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