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  1. I remember Marvel + Netflix deal had 5 shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders) with a total budget of 200 million. Maybe D+ is going the same route here, that’s why it will be 18 episodes. Because every show so far had nearly a 200 million budget for 6 episodes each.

  2. I wish I could be more excited for Taskmaster, but I have no interest anymore. Happy to see Bucky, John, Alexei, and Yelena though

  3. Bro idk, I thought this was D+ day where they announce shit for D+ lol.

  4. I really feel like the avengers movies are gonna get pushed back by 2 years or more. There's literally so many projects lmao. Shang chi 2, Eternals 2, doctor strange 3, Spidey 4?, Nova?, Thor 5. Not even including the shows and whatever Sony is going to release in that same time frame. Hopefully it isn't too much for One Above All Feige and he'll release everything in time.

  5. Really, this wouldn't have so much infighting between people if they left condescending and political/moralist messages that bring absolutely nothing out of the shows. F.e, her suggesting "fear is a woman's everydays feeling" was just some poser writter trying to push her/his beliefs. What does that bring to the show? Absolutely nothing but arguing. Manichaeist political propaganda in shows just ends up making people being fed. And there were several of these totally subjective occurrences during the episode.

  6. It’s not just an empty political statement. This line is totally true. The problem is you having a problem with it and having a problem with this takes everything 10 steps back because people can’t talk about their issues without some dudes (of course it’s them) complaining. If it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t mean it was meant for you in the first place… you don’t need to experience a problem to stablish it actually exists… This is a workplace comedy written by women, let them talk. This makes that character a real woman.

  7. No, it doesn't. USA has such a problem with political tropes, I'm amazed you can't see how you are being used. Also, that "of course it's them". You are just another sexist entitled person lured by identity politics that are basically exclusive to USA. It's much more probable, statistically, that something happens to me as a man (not raping, f.e, obviously women suffer this more, and that's totally undeniable). This is factual. But it's still a very minor chance. The difference is I don't have politicians and other posers telling me "be afraid" 24/7 to use me as an asset for their campaigns (or corporations for their sales). The same as its much more probable that you die in a car accident and I bet you are not scared about that each time you use one. Or breast cancer. Have you checked your breasts lately? (assuming you are a woman) Cause it's one of the major causes for women death. Most women I know haven't.

  8. Social issues will never be ceased in stories about people. We’re about that too. Grow up!

  9. This incel just raging at the ladies shows. No logic just spewing hate.

  10. Lol i’m not a woman hating incel, what the fuck?. I just doesn’t like how WandaVision was structured and I totally feel like talking about it. It was messy as hell. I didn’t like most of the shows of D+ so far except for the ones released this year and Loki.

  11. I can agree with the show itself not being a sitcom comedy, but this

  12. Well, the show like any other had initially 6 episodes but they made it longer because they had footage and at that time, the show was late many months and D+ needed content to justify monthly subscriptions.

  13. WandaVision. I would reduce the episodes 1, 2 and 3 into just one episode. And I would rework the whole Agatha thing to be less of what it was in the end. It was Agatha all along but she did nothing at all. I would also create a connection between Wanda and the Multiverse, make her find the Darkhold earlier, have Agatha going after her because of the book. And I would also remove all the easter-eggs that served no purpose to the MCU or the story itself.

  14. The MCU loses a lot for not having a show like 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" with countless episodes and tie-ins with movies/shows. Specially now that characters cameos is not totally off-table. Civil War concept was pretty much wasted with just one or two projects focusing on the consequences of it. And now we're just three years away of having 616 completely rebooted with the whole multiverse crap (which personally, I don't like). It makes me miss the spy-action-mystery vibes of Phase 1 and 2.

  15. It fits exactly with the time of the blip. Watch them announce it as a Marvel Studios co-production

  16. This would definitely be an amazing high-grossing movie for Marvel. Glad it's a show though but wow, the quality of everything revealed so far is insane! I could easily say this show is the one that REALLY made me excited and having a talent such as Tatiana Maslany makes it almost impossible to be disappointed. Hopefully they are already working on another season of it because I miss it already.

  17. why are we believing a scarlet witch fan page? yall don't believe MTTSH or Grace Randolph but are totally taking a character fanpage as trustworthy?

  18. I'm glad the suit isn't fully CGI all the time. It looks dope! Plus, Anthony Ramos is so so so so so handsome.

  19. imagine if they announce it as Marvel Studios like Production Weekly reported. The meltdown here followed by ppl saying the movie is going to be great.

  20. If Marvel Studios made it I would definitely think its gonna be good. Theyve made 29 movies. Out of those 29 Id say 1 was bad, and 4 were mediocre. Theyve built a track record I trust. Id trust them to make a great movie about Foggie Nelson. Meanwhile Sony hasnt made a good live action comic movie since 2004. And that includes 3 Spider-Man movies. Let alone a character with 2 comic appearances and zero fans.

  21. I totally disagree with this point of view. It's stablished here on Reddit that the only company able to make a good Marvel product is Marvel Studios and it's not totally wrong but when you see shows and movies with such poor writing, etc, it doesn't make any sense. I feel like all of you lack opinion and base them over brands and reviews. Both things don't make a movie better! The success of these movies are with the audience. By your opinion, Venom movie was probably bad but it was a box office success. What makes that movie bad other than mixed opinions, if we go with that point of view?

  22. I don’t think it has anything to do with VFX. The first three episodes are probably finished since the last week of may.

  23. this scene alone makes this movie extremely unforgettable and it's a shame it's so underrated by everyone! To me it's by far, one of the best of Phase Four, if not the best!

  24. This is too much I think. I like the final suit better BUT I wish it was less colorful

  25. Lol, so is basically every other confirmed project with writers/directors/talent attached. There are "9" or so projects, save for anything Sony related with Spider-Man (and Spider-Woman?).

  26. I believe the shows you mentioend for Phase 6 will be 2024 releases. We barely have announcements of Marvel shows for that year.

  27. Marvel does the women characters very dirty. Hope seemed to have no friends or life outside the men's lives and their issues. It seems like Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania won't be too different in this case.

  28. Of course not! Ant-Man has his life, Shang-Chi, Thor, Doctor Strange, etc. the difference here is that The Wasp has her name in the title of the movie, yet, her role happens as a supporting character.

  29. After all the bad press about the Sonyverse, why are actors jumping into it 😭

  30. the bad press only exists here. People don't even think about it.

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