1. It would’ve competed with Tenderoni’s that is going to take over the old Tigermama space.

  2. She is an awful human being who only showed you a masked version because I worked for her and directly with her and I can tell you firsthand who she is and what she is like. Go blow smoke somewhere else.

  3. Occurred during Prison Break. Wentworth could’ve stood up for her and did nothing.

  4. CVS pharmacy tech workers are put through rigorous and accredited courses to be licensed in the state. It is a recognized career nationally. Apples and oranges when it comes to pay equity in relation to job performance and requirements/demands.

  5. This isn't about CVS pharmacy tech workers who make $90k+. It's more akin to the unskilled retail clerk at the front checkout. Very similar to dispensary retail.

  6. Medical Cannabis is akin to the pharmacy side of CVS whereas adult use is front end retail. The product is the same between retail and medical, but the treatment of compliance and regulations and how the workers are educated across the board is completely fractured and fucked all over the place. Every person in the industry has the opportunity to do their due diligence and give the best experience, and most fulfill the career demands. A lot of others are apathetic and just collect a paycheck. If you don’t tip at either place based on merit then you are complete scum.

  7. The one video of those neighbors fighting and then the one neighbor brings his gun out and kills them then goes back into his house and kills himself, it was so eerie the fact that none of them had to die and yet their fight ended with all three of them gone

  8. For some reason that video recently where a couple is having sex, and the ex? Comes in and just attacks and kills the girl.

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