1. I drive my semi-trailer truck to school everyday. How about you?

  2. What kind of school that makes students afraid of going to school like this. -_-

  3. So it’s the schools fault? I don’t think so. More the politicians and their policies that allow criminal behavior to go mostly unpunished.

  4. At least have some private security I think? Students pay a lot of money to go to SDSU. How is "student success fee" is applied when they got robbed right in the area?

  5. Check on mySDSU to see if the FA was applied to your tuition.

  6. I think the I-130 will eventually change its status to approved soon. Congrats.

  7. Nothing we can do. USCIS is the top agency with all powers now. Even the President of this country cannot affect USCIS (my personal experience).

  8. Pending for 21 months. Hope my I-485 and all people who applied in my timeframe got approved soon.

  9. I hate that intersection and F those stop lights on friars. 430 in the morning, no one there and they change red for no reason and I sit for 5 minutes.

  10. Yes I hate that intersection of Friars and Frazee. The red light is ridiculous.

  11. This is the painful problem of USCIS and applicants. My I-485 has been pending since October 2020.

  12. Contact your major advisor at SDSU and ask for the provisional declaration form. After both of you signed. The advisor will send it to the registrar office and your status will be change to major from pre-major. Then you will be able to enroll in upper division classes.

  13. Congrats. You should receive your GC in 7-10 days. Can you please share your timeline?

  14. I don't have the high hope for 6 months. Even 12 months processing time is a dream to all applicants.

  15. 19 months here... I wish USCIS processed applications in order. New applicants got approved faster and those who filed in 2019 and 2020 keep waiting longer.

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