1. Another fucking loser 18 year old. Guessing details will be the same as usual: lonely, mentally ill, no friends, no family, easy access to gun, etc etc.

  2. Time to leave the cocoon. Come down to Kaisertown or Lovejoy or the First Ward/the Valley or South Buffalo…

  3. I’ve seen BPD rolling in those white and blue crown vics twice this year. Once on Hertel by Daddios and once on tv at Tops on Jefferson. They’re getting rare for sure but not totally gone yet.

  4. I think if you see one of those nowadays it’s a special visit from the K-9 unit. Not sure if the regular units use the old crowns vics anymore

  5. What’s the best kind of chips? Gotta be Lays cheddar and sour cream right?

  6. Just had the fattest chicken and lamb gyro from the halal street food cart outside 🤤🤤

  7. I walked by him today. He was laughing with one guy sitting next to him and then got a surprise hug from the back. Made me think he is young at heart just enjoying what he does.

  8. i would not subject even the most bottom of the barrel record to this contraption

  9. Come on man, surely you have a Firestone® Presents: A Very Special Christmas with Mitch and the Gang album you can sacrifice

  10. Yeah but usually the teachers union is stubbornly progressive. Didn’t think they would go for far right wing folk.

  11. Hell. You’d think I would know how to spell the name of the guy that bitch slapped us for 20 years

  12. i never claimed there would be no more wars on a bitcoin standard. just that the state is greatly defunded and centralized power greatly diminished

  13. In a world with a global economy made up of billions of people why on earth would you want a currency with LESS central regulation? I genuinely do not understand.

  14. the temptation to get something for nothing is too great. corruptible systems inevitably are corrupted by humans. they started issuing more notes than there were gold in existence, which led to the de-pegging of the dollar from gold. now they can print new money ad infinitum to dole out to the corrupt elites via subsidies bailouts etc

  15. I mean yeah? Countries fighting in WWI dumped gold pretty quickly because it wasn’t enough to pay for the war effort. Why would you tie yourself to a limited supply?

  16. Hey I was there! Still the strangest game I’ve ever seen live. Lot of buttholes were clenched when Jordy Nelson dropped that pass.

  17. That’s the whole of the republican party. Politicians are finding out if they dont go to the extreme end of MAGA, they’ll get primaried out.

  18. Unless your name is Madison Cawthorne, but in that case you have to dry hump your cousin on camera so.

  19. I haven't followed that coke-filled race. Who beat Cawthorn? Is it possible his opponent was equally or more MAGA than him? I know he had Trump's endorsement.

  20. Chuck Edwards beat him. He’s not terrific but at least he isn’t telling his followers to arm up for a civil war.

  21. my mistake — listing just said the style was “Georgian” 😭😭

  22. No you’re fine! The realtor didn’t know, and yes it is “Georgian” just not real Georgian, if that makes sense. Source: am halfway through a Masters in Historic Preservation.

  23. Wow! You must get quite a laugh out of some of the McMansions posted in here then!

  24. Hahaha, seeing so much neoclassical gook (big Greek pillars for days) does make me cringe.

  25. After reading Bush’s autobiography, I firmly believe that he wanted to finish what his dad couldn’t do in Desert Storm - kill Saddam. He makes it clear he was inspired by god and wanted to rid the world of evil. He just picked a shitty way of doing it. Should have stuck with PEPFAR.

  26. There has never been genuine doubt that the Bush administration was serious about their goal of removing Saddam and bringing democracy to Iraq, particularly the Kurdish people.

  27. But I think that killing Saddam for his dad was his top priority, and everything else was second.

  28. Not an SM3! You can tell by the tab set/clear buttons next to the space bar. The SM3 has traditional tab spacers on the rear of the machine.

  29. They know what you’ve been doing, OP. They’re always watching /s

  30. Big fan of Gerry’s Service in East Amherst. They know what they’re doing and I always trust they’re not going to rip me off.

  31. This is a good point. I'm not sure if you're using this as an argument that people WANT segregation, or if you're just pointing out something you've seen, but the idea of gentrification brings attention to how out-of-balance things are.

  32. Everyone wants their neighborhood to improve. No one can argue that Five Points was better off as a drug-and-crime-filled empty space. But secondary displacement is a very real thing. Whatever development occurs must include affordable housing. We should also work to remove barriers to construction that make it more expensive, like needless environmental reviews and things like setback requirements and such that require developers to spend more to design more.

  33. Jesus, be careful up there. There's no way the workhouse is structurally sound anymore. Or, was this a drone shot?

  34. He's from Buffalo, not NT. According to the tweet and WGRZ.

  35. I wonder which brewery; I am guessing Resurgence as they have become a focal point after starting the Beer and a Shot program way back.

  36. I just got back from grabbing lunch near the Anderson's on Deleware. There was a white dude dressed all in black walking through the parking and screaming, "Fuck Black lives! Fuck Black [email protected]@ers!"

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