New antibody neutralizes all known SARS-CoV-2 variants in lab tests - Harvard Medical School

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  1. Americans were spreading out from major cities long before the invention of cars. This was a frontier country that had many boom and bust towns and lots of migration.

  2. No, they weren't spreading out before cars.

  3. I used to commute to work in Chicago in the winter by bike. I would only not bike if it was snowy or below 28 degrees. On the other days I'd take the bus to the train. With the right gear you can bike in almost any weather, but heavy snow is difficult and very dangerous with cars around.

  4. You can do a trillion dollar IP tax extract scheme with a single logo, there is no need to make your own chips to do this.

  5. I don’t live there either but I heard they have a great museum and their own version of Covid so I’m going to put it on my bucket list.

  6. "content designed to be barely enough to get you to watch a commercial fails when any other option is available"

  7. Can't wait for new cars where you can get the physical buttons option for a premium. Now we just need a good name for this option.

  8. That's my point though, a good interface is intuitive and doesn't require you to "get used to it". While I get that some people prefer buttons over a touchscreen. A bad button based interface is no better than a bad touch screen interface.

  9. You've spent years getting used to an inferior, and wrong, way to interact with your car. Touching, pinching and zooming, swiping, all learned behaviors that are next to impossible when working at arms length in a moving car. Your finger is just waving around too much.

  10. I believe without the spin the radiation of the sun would destroy the building clocks requires to create life.

  11. The costs of schools have increased dramatically. Kids are in acute need, need lots of support and wrap-around services, etc. Health care alone for teachers and staff has skyrocketed. We're not even keeping up.

  12. Do you struggle with inferring things normally? Maybe these lesson plans will help:

  13. Still don't see you even approaching whether school funding comes from property taxes or if other funds could be used.

  14. Thank you to the Subaru who rode my ass all the way home on a one way road. Namasuckmyclit. It was super fun and not anxiety inducing at all.

  15. I just go slower and slower the closer someone gets to my ass. Want to be two feet off my bumper? I guess that's safe at 5mph.

  16. It's too bad that the buds in that are total trash, the idea of it is brilliant!

  17. That would have been terrible too. For me, the only way this show would have worked would be without Vader/Empire/Luke. They should've done a proper western type of film or series with Obi-Wan as the Man with No Name. It makes sense that he would try to influence the land he lives in, for the safety of Luke. Doesn't mean Luke should actually be involved though. Luke as a kid is a boring character no one cares about. He isn't interesting until the events of episode 4.

  18. The idea that Obi-Wan knew the hunters were right on his heels and still even thought about going to Tatooine really bothers me. Obi-Wan could have been a world hopping chase/hide show where the end of season 3 shows a five year time jump that ends with him saying "Well, I have to go get sand in my shoes." to someone who says "Never, EVER will I go to that rat infested shithole, I need a divorce."

  19. Torrenting: you spend whatever money and effort to keep it running, and it gets split automatically among everything you watch. Also known as "DIY Netflix 2010".

  20. I do this for my whole family, and nothing ever gets taken off or away or moved to some fucking place you can't get it at all anymore.

  21. While I don't take issue with criticizing religion, it's incorrect people are by default "rational and normal" unless acted upon. We're not. If it wasn't religion it would be something else. Look at the history of politics. It's not as though we're all living in a logical state when suddenly religion comes along and alters it. We're prone to abandon logic in order to assimilate into groups for many reasons that we believe are in our best interests.

  22. Can we at least make an effort to find a "something else" to indoctrinate our children and idiots into that doesn't include mass murder, genital mutilation, child rape and bigotry tho?

  23. Don't worry about it. There's literally no way, at all, that this is a throughput issue.

  24. Profit is the reason, and they're obviously selling it enough to leave the price high. They've consistently been much higher than the price closer to Boulder.

  25. You’re just gonna skip right over Thoughts & Prayers?

  26. *relatively cooperative. They could've just dipped after the festival, or completely ignored forest service instructions.

  27. They literally did completely ignore the forest service instructions.

  28. There is of course nothing whatsoever to support the idea that Cochrane's warp drive was a particularly good warp drive. Furthermore the claim that the Vulcans were holding humanity back is baseless. Declining to hand out their best technology to people who had nothing to offer in return is not "holding them back".

  29. It's only logical to do as much as possible to keep the brakes on a radically expansionist species with huge historical breaches of morality against their own species.

  30. Well, Russia could catch up to the West if they do exactly as the Warsaw-Pact-turned-EU countries... withdraw from Ukraine and democratize, but they won't do that.

  31. That's good for the Russian people. To those making the decisions only what's good for the oligarchy counts as good for Russia. Only being able to siphon off 40% of the economy would be a huge disaster for them.

  32. This month has proven a bunch of theories right. It wasn't the ones the state or RTD had put forth. It's that the citizens of Colorado don't care the cost of transit of it's unreliable, dirty, slow, and inaccessible. The issue of cost is real. It's stupid expensive. But if you described a free car as having the above traits, no one would drive it to work let alone keep it around.

  33. Why should Karen in Aspen miss out on her husband's money to pay for a train she'll never ride tho?

  34. This has been my take too. Atlanta is full of psychopaths, Denver drivers just aren't really paying that much attention.

  35. Looks like no expandable storage or headphone jack. *sigh, there's like no phones for what I want. That's why I've been holding onto my Samsung s10e for so long.

  36. It's still more than fast enough for use as long as you're not trying to play fps games on it.

  37. Kronans could just be a hermaphroditic race, but my personal headcannon is as long as 2 or more Kronans hang out in a pit of lava, a child is "created". Hence more than 2 parents can be a thing.

  38. Just an FYI, I think what you're looking for is isogametic (or polygametic), not hermaphroditic. Hermaphroditic still have dual sex reproduction, but each individual either transforms between male/female or has two sets of sex organs. Isogamete just takes two, polygamete takes three or more.

  39. He said his mom had a boyfriend (who he hates), so he has a stepfather, and his actual father who presumably got together with someone else. So 4 parents.

  40. Kronans could be isogametic but still have 2 or more social genders, which may or may not even fall into galactic standard languages well. "Economic/social partner who behaves like stereotypical males from sexual species' view" doesn't roll off the tongue but basically means "stepfather."

  41. That's actually pretty amazing that you didn't know this.

  42. No, they are using a bad faith tactic to waste the time of people on the other side just to be a troll.

  43. It’s like Taco Bell going to Mexico and opening stores hoping to outdo the real stuff

  44. Are you trying to imply that the shit at taco bell is even recognizable as mexican food? It might as well be spaghetti for how it compares to food in mexico.

  45. You should try the Taco Bell we have here in Finland, it makes American Taco Bell look like authentic food made by a Mexican grandmother

  46. I heard they can make anything "mexican" in Greece by putting corn on it.

  47. Whats the deal with "no doors" anyway? We just moved to a new office and they refused to install doors. You can hear everyone talking its insane.

  48. If there's no private space there's no where for people to unionize?

  49. Now the new trend will be open office combined with hot desks. A lot of places are calling people back at least hybrid, but during COVID they expanded staff and/or reduced office footprints. So now you have more employees than desks and an expectation that they come in to the office several days a week.

  50. I think it's OK to hot desk if I'm only in the office for a day or two a week doing meetings and need a place to drop a laptop for the two or three hours between them, and do heads down work at home on the other days.

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