1. When you see 5+ posts on one pick you know it’s time to fade lol

  2. Everyone was on padres yesterday and it hit so idk but this was definitely a weird game

  3. Do you like the over 8 in that game as well?

  4. Morel walks this off we build the statue

  5. Anyone else on the Guardians -134 ML against the Reds? I dont see Cleveland losing back to back against them.

  6. Just zero production from the top of the lineup this game. We might lose by 30 against the dodgers.

  7. Jesus. Team should be embarrassed honestly

  8. We've been through so much. Please give us something

  9. I think SD will settle down in the 2nd half and come out shooting

  10. Imagine purdue crying about the refs lmaooo

  11. Refs against Iowa again. Nothing new here

  12. Holy cow I got tired just watching them run up and down the court there

  13. Finally they call a foul on iowa!!!

  14. Strength coach spotted you 8 points and we lost by 10….

  15. Dont even dude lol Iowa had this handled all 2nd half

  16. Call a technical on the screaming lady please

  17. Wow 2 of the luckiest bank ins I've ever seen. Unlucky for Purdue

  18. So if you go into a game with a loadout and you die in the game without extracting you have to rebuy everything you went in with? Am I getting that right. Also it seems melee is a big part of this game is there one melee weapon thats better than the others?

  19. What platform are you playing on out of curiosity

  20. Man these corners must be eating our receivers alive

  21. You could try a clean removal of all your video drivers followed by an install of the appropriate drivers again. DDU is the go to utility to do this.

  22. Yeah I dont think I have a restore point I can go back to so I dont think that will work. But ill try the other thing

  23. Hopefully a cleanup of the video drivers and a reinstall will work. Good luck.

  24. So before I did a full reinstall I went back and reinstalled the latest driver and it didnt work again but then I went and rolled back the drivers update again and now everything seems to be working fine so I'm not sure why my gpu doesnt like the new drivers update. Hopefully can figure that out later thanks for the suggestions though

  25. What a choke job I'm absolutely sick to my stomach

  26. You should know by now us nit taking points was gonna bite us in the ass. You know the luck of this franchise.

  27. I dont mind going for it at all tbh but for fuck sake atleast give your team a chance instead of running a qb sneak from 2 yards away against one of the best defensive fronts in the league. Just absolutely mind blowing

  28. Holy fuck petras should be embarrassed completely holding this team back. Sad

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