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[Homemade] Sous Vide NY Strip

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  1. I just realized he doesn’t talk about the guys he used to talk about back then. Mitty, fish etc

  2. He still talks about them. Only one no longer a part of things is Fish because of what he did in the discord. He still talks about Mitty, Scum, Dirty etc.

  3. I used to hear a lot of ads at the start of PKN when uploaded to Apple Podcasts. Hadn't heard anything in a while, but that random ad in the middle of this PKN made me double take.

  4. Fast Breaks are about the only thing Taylor and I agree on, they're incredible

  5. Except for the fact that Kyle's cancer was well before the product came out and the article only references Prostate cancer, not Basal Cell Carcinoma

  6. What is the point of it being wagyu beef? Wagyu is known for its marbling but if you grind it up there is no longer a point to It being wagyu anymore, might as well just get a high fat meat.

  7. Honestly, there have to be more wagyu burgers than scrap wagyu. And a wagyu cow is a few types of cow breeds with high marbling. Not every part of the cow is a steak. You'll have waste if you didn't make ground beef. Probably does taste different but every New American Gastropub with local, handcrafted mircrobrews and beer cheese sauce has a wagyu burger these days. They can't all be wagyu.

  8. They aren't all Japanese Wagyu, but there is still Australian and American wagyu (although not considered as good). It's very possible it's all wagyu and they do not care to differentiate because they know it'll grab peoples' attention.

  9. The point is that it's still a wagyu steak that's been ground up to form a burger patty... It still has the great flavor and fat content that the whole steak has, just made into a different form.

  10. I'm gonna need a minute to digest what I'm seeing here on this plate...

  11. cuttlefish were the original NFT's

  12. Taylor said he's not going to watch it and Kyle and Woody seemed like they were going to give it a shot from what I recall

  13. Regardless of what it's called, this looks so good

  14. It doesn't help that they've been talking about current events a lot recently and Taylor doesn't take the time to read up on anything and Woody is Woody...

  15. You nailed everything to perfection, wellington done!

  16. What people have to realize is that they are paying $50 for one monthly hangout. You just happen to also get access to the discord where the hangouts take place. They did not promise to interact with everyone weekly and they do not owe those that pay $50 anymore than the once a month hangouts. Kyle streams Tarkov in the discord almost every night and has been very friendly to those in the discord. Woody and Taylor do not interact in the discord, but they have lives away from dealing with the podcast and related activities.

  17. This is the pka subreddit, you’re not supposed to think logically, only jerk each other off with how much you hate the hosts

  18. My favorite game mode of all time was Hexakill on TT. Never had more fun than when that was around.

  19. Probably the best looking Risotto dish I've seen in a while. Kudos to you!

  20. Been thinking about getting an Anova. I have a Gourmia 11-in-1 and it doesn’t quite cook up to the par I would like. I’ve considered Joule as well though

  21. Anova is a little cheaper, but it works just as well as the Joule. If you go with either one, you won't regret it.

  22. ELI5: what is a smash burger. How does is differ from a hamburger.

  23. You roll the patty into a ball and then put it on a roaring hot flat surface (pan, griddle, or flat top). Then you take a heavy flat surface and smash the ball until its a thin looking patty. The reason you do this is because you get a nicer crust that almost gets caramelized. They usually cook pretty quickly too, so its like 1-2 mins on each side and you're done.

  24. Thought I saw this on IG, check your profile and yeah this is who I thought it was :D! Happy to see you getting some love for this, looks delicious

  25. that was my guess but I thought they served all the garlic fries in the helmets

  26. Oh I love sushis and sashimis. Love it with salmons.

  27. I’m a amateurs fat man who just likes to cook. I got a sous vide a few weeks ago for my bday. Is it cheating?

  28. No shame in using a sous vide. They're awesome!

  29. Lovely shot! I love the little hike you do into where Hooker Valley opens up. Was one of my favorite places when I went to New Zealand. You've transported me back to my New Zealand trip, thank you!

  30. Should definitely go back and get a picture with the employee who married you

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