1. Maybe search jobs to be a delivery driver?

  2. Parce, gracias a este post le acabe de pedir por internet unas flores a mi novio ❤️

  3. Conseguir mi permiso de residencia en Suecia 🇸🇪

  4. Mine is mainly due to parent neglect. My mom left me when I was 2 and my dad was never there for me as I was growing up, in fact, no one was, and when I thought I had a person to compensate for that damage they all went away always.

  5. Severa loca? Yo pagué por la gtx 3090 TI 9 palos y solo juego al puto gato de stray porque no tengo tiempo

  6. Hahahah yo pague por eso aquí en Suecia 11 palos xD y ni juego porque estoy deprimida

  7. Es un gato normal JAJJAJAJ

  8. Acceptably good with aripiprazole

  9. I actually do my "nap voyeur show" daily, as sleep sex/play is a real kink for me. Always fun when you can get paid for doing something you love 😊

  10. How do you do it? Do you have tips/advices? I have lush and Domi!

  11. I’ll share a bit of my point of view and experience about this:

  12. Update: thank you Pitiful and everyone who commented on good will and to have a fun time, not so much thank you to the ones being bitter and saying I was karma fishing. We have named the cat Sixten, a Swedish name since my partner is Swedish! Again, thank you all and have a wonderful night! ❤️🐱

  13. Enjoy your adorable Sixten; he is awesome.😻

  14. Thank you very much 😊🐱

  15. Hej, I studied Sfi and swedish 1,2, and 3 And now I'm studying at university in Swedish. You also have to do English 6 to access. It has taken me 8 years but I have not dedicated myself to it exclusively.

  16. That’s my plan too. To dedicate myself to studies exclusively, full time. I’m so glad for you! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  17. What they mean by "admission standards" is how good your grades have to be to get in, not the minimum requirements to be eligible. The minimum requirements are honestly not very high, but you need near perfect grades or a very good score on the Swedish SAT to get in. Just being eligible does in no way guarantee you'll be admitted.

  18. I have a residence permit so I’m except of paying the tuition fee but I’ll look into this! Thank you very much

  19. I took it for three months with valproate. Made me numb as heck but ended (for the most part) my suicidal ideation.

  20. Life changing for me. Can now think better and stand negative feeling better (anger, frustration)

  21. Good news is always welcomed! Especially since its so precious when you find the right fit. Being able to tolerate anger would be a really nice plus

  22. Yeah! Even my bf says that he notices BIG changes when I’m on abilify. I can take things better. I’m more chill.

  23. No rock per se, pero Katatonia!

  24. Infj-t but I don’t really believe in that

  25. She’s the good kind of “mainstream” then, unlike Ariana grande and whoever else sings that shit

  26. Dude we don’t have to shade other artists like that 🥲

  27. Nothing will happen just write that you didn’t know the rules and that it won’t happen again and add his/her documents and get them verified, has happened to me twice lol

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