1. If it's anything close to the unmolested '02 burgundy Sahara I bought two weeks ago, a pretty penny for sure lol. 69k miles as well

  2. do you mind mentioning what you paid?

  3. 23. Things in perfect condition so I justified it lol. Interior is like a time capsule hardtop is excellent condition too

  4. where are you located? assuming california based on the price. congrats on your new sahara by the way, i’m in love with mine haha

  5. I have the Louisiana 'JEEP YJ' plate. Howdy neighbor!

  6. Perfect! It’s the little things… my favorite mod yet haha

  7. how did you get one on order? i was told (in a previous post) that toyota doesn’t do this

  8. 2.5” Lift (rough country X series suspension lift) and 31” KO2s! (Imo - the BEST daily/ any situation scenario jeep)

  9. nice! thought it was a 2.5” lift. i have a 2.5” lift from rancho coming in (back ordered). planning on 33” km3s

  10. Yup. I was told the same thing. Dealer also told me that they don’t expect to have any new 4 Runners on the lot until 2023. All sales are limited to current inventory at the port of entry. My local dealer was unable to sell me anything, but I was able to get my 2022 TRD Sport in a neighboring city. Had to wait 2.5 months for it and no options on the trim/packages. You get what you get.

  11. Were you hoping for a specific trim that wasn’t the TRD sport?

  12. Yes. I was looking for an ORP. Instead, I was able to get a TRD Sport and had the dealer install TRD Pro wheels/tires, mounted my roof rack from my old GX460, and just completed a mild spacer lift. No rear locker or crawl control, but I do have leatherette seats and was able to get the Lunar Rock color I really liked. So, overall I'm happy but did have to compromise and do a few mods to get the vehicle to where I truly love it.

  13. Gotchya. I am also wanting an ORP with TRD wheels. Currently between lunar rock and silver. Congrats on your new car!

  14. Second best seats jeep ever made, only surpassed by the YJ sahara seats of the same color pattern

  15. The use of leather in the YJs is so nice

  16. Congratulations, you have discovered the stock interior for saharas made between 1997 and 2005.

  17. Oh my… I own a few Orvis products and love the brand. Never knew Jeep did a colab with them; looks amazing.

  18. Not if you have something else to drive. Sell then buy another later.

  19. sell high now, buy low later when car market settles was my thought as well. thanks

  20. gl. I looked up my 2018 base model 4 dr and I could sell it for 7K more than I paid for it. Crazy.

  21. yup, prices are crazy. selling my ‘15 honda civic for $6.5k more than what it was worth a year ago. roughly 60% increase in value..

  22. Purchased this ‘01 last year with current setup. Based on color combo, what wheel would y’all recommend for wheel style/color? I’m thinking a 2.5” lift with 33s. Want to select 15x8 wheels. But am being indecisive. Need input! Thanks

  23. I PMed you. I have an ‘01 as well. 33s might be a challenge if you have a 3.07 gear ratio. Do you know what your gear ratio is? Do you have a Dana 44 rear or Dana 35 rear ? Do you actually wheel it?

  24. no clue what my ratio is. i know i have 44 rear. currently do not wheel it but intend to in future occasionally

  25. Right on the Milestars, most likley right on the wheels. Its been so many years since I bought them I can't say for sure.

  26. are your wheels chrome? they look more silver/matte grey. if you could dig and try to find what specific wheels they are it’d be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  27. love the color!! enjoy friend!

  28. When I removed my ugly chrome ones I just pry’d them out with a flat screwdriver covered with a microfiber lol

  29. i think i’ll try this route. thank you

  30. No way to use a thin plastic tool to slide in from the side of them and push the tabs over?

  31. thanks i’ll try this out!

  32. If you think TurboTax is too expensive, then you will really not love the cost of a professional. Even just having a place like H&R Block do them is likely to run you $300+ with a bunch of investments.

  33. I would rather pay a professional at a certain price break point than overpay for a software that I could potentially make a mistake on.

  34. I do my own, and unless I start a business, I always will. I dropped TurboTax long ago when their prices got insane. I switched to Tax Act until their prices got ridiculous too. I use freetaxUSA now. It's free for your federal taxes regardless of income, and state is roughly $12 to $13.

  35. Interesting. I will look into this and decide whether its something I trust myself to do or not. Thank you!

  36. PapaChonson guesstimated pretty well. Was able to snag it at the bottom of that range!

  37. Thank you sir, much appreciated.

  38. Alpinist and Big Crown Pointer Date on my list! Beautiful collection sir. How does the Alpinist's case thickness fair on your wrist out of curiosity?

  39. Birth year Explorer.. although I have the funds, I must wait for the grander things in life. Otherwise, what is there to look forward to? Beautiful watch sir GLWS!

  40. Unfortunately the road was perpendicular with the trains direction!

  41. Based on the cacti and the Fort Worth & Western Railroad train I'm going to guess Texas.

  42. You are correct! This is right near the Stock Yards off the Trinity River

  43. Potentially! I definitely want to try before I buy, and I'd need to know that the bike was well taken care of.

  44. Copy. I just picked up my first road bike (2014 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 105 C) for a great price. Previous owner was up there in age and only put around 300 miles on it. Super great condition for being 6 years old. Got it for less than half off MSRP at my LBS. Used carbon frame for brand new alloy price! Maybe checkout your LBS and see what used options are available.

  45. Pretty sure only the front fork is carbon. The frames on those were aluminum.

  46. https://www.rei.com/product/862164/cannondale-synapse-carbon-5-compact-bike-2014

  47. Unfortunately, I believe the cleats were sold but were supposed to come with the bike. The pervious owner did replace the original tires with the puncture resistant Gatorskins you mentioned; the original tires are included. A Garmin is also included (unsure of the model/value).

  48. What program are you doing your MEM through? I am considering applying to Penn State.

  49. All depends on what you're looking for. I didn't do EM, but I am just wrapping up my ME of Systems Engineering at PSU, online. I picked them for a few reasons. Firstly, I had a budget. My company would only pay a certain amount per year. In order to maximize the value of this allowance, PSU had a number of programs such as deferred payment, and the 2 year compressed schedule meant I could time things to optimize reimbursement. That said, it was intense at times. I'm not sure about the EM program, but the Systems program was very comprehensive in a very short period of time. I felt I learned a lot, it related very closely to my real world work, and was generally beneficial.

  50. Thanks for the info, it is very helpful. I am also getting tuition reimbursement from my company, although there is a small delta in tuition and reimbursement that I would need to cover. How did the deferred payment work? Were you able to wait and pay tuition after receiving your company's reimbursement?

  51. I completed the in-person MEM program at Northwestern. Loved it! Awesome program with wonderful faculty and students alike. If it's an option for you, I strongly recommend it.

  52. Is it available online?

  53. I think this may mean Elon’s planning a theme park..

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