1. Sadly most of the players dont know how to take off and dont stay much in the match, I would like to see dogfights and furballs of medium-pro players here

  2. Welcome! I've been telling people about tier I and II all the time to maybe invite more players there xD

  3. I like adding good players from the SIM's enduring confrontation and tell them they will be on my video on youtube but I lost my last two projects from a few months ago so some of them I messaged never went there....now I write on chat if I had a nice kill that perhaps I'll include it there and I had 1 sub from the chat... (75th.. xd) but I also added a bunch of aces that stuck in my memory to friends

  4. P61 is amazing especially if u have elevator and rudder bound to keys so u can fly the plane while using the turret, let’s you kill planes trying to turn fight you

  5. At sim it's OP and people fly it because everyone is struggling to aim with the joystick and bouncing crosshair/plane and here, u can just not only look around in 3rd person but aim with a fricking mouse with an op turret, you can hold the joystick in ur left hand and fly it and it will work while switching to the turret too and use the mouse in ur right hand to control the turret and brrrrt people

  6. I fucking adore the XP-55, even after it’s flight model update and the BR change.

  7. For 3.3 there's also a J21A-1 and it's quite popular and they both qualify into Tier 2 ofc

  8. EBR 1951 to 5.3 lol sure, and they had to fuck up the 7.3 lineup by moving amx50 up

  9. I play french because on Air Sim, they have a Tier I - 2.0 fighter (Msvdv-something) with a 20mm cannon, today I'm going to use it to blow some tier I planes ;P

  10. On SB's 2.0 its very rare to have any cannons at all that even He-112B with cannons or a single cannon is 2.3 there so Im pretty hyped..

  11. U-boots was a failure and a Hitler's utopian dream. Doenitz literally sabotaged the Germany with the amount of resources spent for these U-boots. They literally sacked admiral Reader because he didn't share Hitlers and Donitz view about submarine warfare. More long range naval patroling/bombing planes would be much better than U-boots but it seems like Luftwaffe didn't focus enough on it if it wasn't needed for current operations.

  12. Well, IMO, the Tiger was fine enough for a heavy tank that was used used on the level of army corps, sent where it was needed by generals, it started as a heavy tank with avaible parts and got done relatively quick - it also worked wonders for enemy and friendly morales and every tank suddenly became a "tiger" for them and there was something to focus your propaganda on.

  13. Use MEC so that you can open radiators when experiencing overheating. It’ll also allow you to set your mixture for the appropriate altitude as well as setting propeller pitch for RPM management and fuel economy.

  14. And about the scope, I kinda found a way to over-run it and I could maybe even become the master of 2.3 KI-44 :O Because it was so fun to fly, I felt much better acceleration than C202 which was heavier and needed to speed up first for example

  15. Well, thanks about reminding me that I used to mess with MEC a bit..

  16. Noone of them, that's not how 20's style looked like, short dresses would be worn only by idk, courtisans and for stylised photos of the late 30's, in 20's they wore dresses below the knee - even hired dancing ladies didn't have such short ones... short dresses styled as "from 20's" are our modern misdemeanor

  17. The dot that represents distant aircraft used to be much bigger in VR than it is now - spotting aircraft was much easier because of it.

  18. Ouch, well, someone told me he didnt see sh1t in VR thats why I was afraid of it, Im not sure which setup he had, people been saying Quest 2 is ok for games like war thunder

  19. Hey, woman in a happy relationship here (i.e. not applicable for incel rage) and I think that badly photoshopping your figure shouldn't be a thing in this sub and should be rightfully called out. It comes off as disingenuous and like she's just fishing for compliments about herself. It's about the outfit and showing off different styles, not you getting attention and trying to photoshop yourself to be more attractive...

  20. Remember that you need food. It may be super cheap, but it is always in short supply in starsector, and limits you in how many colonies you can support. Food = winning.

  21. Do you have to buy food manually or the colony will get it automatically or from other colonies?

  22. I mean I assumed they also import ores from your mining planets?

  23. Tier 2 is always kind of weird. You get under performing aircraft at the very bottom of the bracket and far better performing at the very top. Used to be nice with spawn points, you would have to start in a 109 e or something like that to get your 190. I wouldn't over complicate the performance of the rest of the aircraft compared to yours. Yes it's important but in sim the aircrafts performance is far less a major factory in wining a dogfight compared to pilot ability. Your hellcat with 2200hp on the deck doesn't matter when he's out of energy and making mistakes. In RB it's way harder to make mistakes that will loose you the fight compared to sim, so aircraft performance is far more a priority then in sim. Also don't fly sim if you don't have a joystick, I see lots of people try and it's just a massive waste of time.

  24. Yes I make mistakes a lot and most of the times I end up relying on speed to escape, I loved my Fw 190 cause it can WEB all the time somehow and I can usually escape, especially when diving, in tier 3 I wouldnt be able to do it as much even with a newer FW 190 because there are faster airplanes there. But I was fighting lesser aircraft mostly, now americans horrify me lol. Also, Italian Centauro with that very good engine has 12mm guns only and I couldnt kill anyone with IT although I could escape well too I gotta try J2M2 Raiden - before I was fighting T3 with it, now it might get interesting but I'm afraid its engine will get heated too fast... in A1 I didnt use any MEC, just auto and WEB all the time, I think I will keep playing it even with the inclusion of 3.7 into the game... oh, there's a 3.7 ME410 lol, with its automated guns u can look around in 3rd person, I gotta try it haha

  25. I mean personally I wouldn’t want to date someone who’s 14 it’s just to big maturity wise

  26. But really cool would be having a part-time job, u work like two days every week and the rest can be spent on some normal things

  27. democrats don't actively try to take away the rights of trans and gay people among other minorities

  28. who cares for some trans and gays and some minorities lol

  29. Idk, thick legs and wide hips I think but I need to watch out for my weight to keep a flat belly

  30. I would say that Civ 6 requires more planning with your cities. Loyalty, which you refer here as influence, is a real problem when placing cities, but it keeps things balanced for me. I'd have to make a choice with forward-settling another civ and suffer the decreasing loyalty or just bide my time and settle somewhere else. Also, builders have limited charges so you really have to decide what you need to upgrade first. These and many more really keeps it more realistic for me and it really puts you in a position to strategize and consider carefully your building of your empire. IDK but it make Civ 6 more fun for me.

  31. Look my other comment, he told he plays Phoenicians because of the whole loyalty thing... but it was like one year ago, idk why I randomly thought about Civ 6 today

  32. He also said that he remembers when placing cities that one of the most annoying things was when he tried to place cities, something called influence prevented him placing a well spread ones on his island so he later played a civ that allows placing cities influence-free if they're on the shoreline of your original continent so he could at least build up early nicely enough before hitting a border with other players but his unit was some useless tribal ship that he didnt even use because it was so early, like one of the earliest units that is also naval

  33. Ahhh, when I now look at civs, these were Phoenicians and the famous Birema ship haha

  34. Fall of Commonwealth was mostly done by a transfer of too much power and wealth into the hands of very, very rich aristocrats and failing of Ruch Egzekucyjny, Executioner move that wanted to bring leased land back to the Kings domain ... And King falling in love within one of them Radziłówna, a non-princess but a rich aristocrat.. it felt like the King didnt care about middle class anymore... And it broke with the traditon of warrior-like middle class nobleman, more and more of them became poor without much land and professional armies started to count more and more

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