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  1. How big and do you recommend a diet mine will NOT grow almost 3 yrs now

  2. They're about 9". They eat tilapia and frozen bloodworms/brine shrimp

  3. Theyre beautiful i love em. Wish i could get mine to grow that big!

  4. Beautiful man, how much maintainance are you performing is it alot or pretty mininal

  5. Funny enough I barely take care of it ... I do a water change once a month, top it off every few days since there's a lot of evaporation. I scrape the walls every few weeks and re-do the CO2 every 2 months (it doesn't last that long but im lazy and cannot stand doing it every 3 weeks lol)

  6. You know what's sad is that I literally used to think/sound like this... My brother still does. He got me into it, lost over 100k in this "bear market"

  7. Thanks! Any competitors to IO ? This really doesnt seem like a polished product (new market, i know - but still..)

  8. So infinite can only do like one thing at a time. I have yet to see anything that will shuffle theu a collection

  9. LapJ says:

    Guys, seriously, stop it with the "inside info" stuff every time some moment has even the smallest pump. Ffs the floor on this moment went up by less than 10%!

  10. Nothing is insider info especially for this. People just need something to talk about. They should get off reddit and join a discord if they wanna know anything. This shit happens all the time. I bought 6 brady rares in the last week.

  11. Thats a fair price look at the comps. You wont be able to talk him down

  12. Lmfao they didn't have them lock the tokens in a smart contract? What is this amateur hour?

  13. No way!!! Im shook i cant believe it you mean free money for "staking" isnt real?! No way you gotta be kidding me! 😂 idiots

  14. Shut up seriously everyone is only here for money the tech is archaic

  15. That's the way to do it! Come out with more ETH than you started with AND get a nice tax writeoff!

  16. Yes its pointless and a scam, my brother convinced me to try it a year and a half ago. So far im down 15 thousand. If you cant even imagine losing that much cuz you dont even have that much to invest then just walk away. You'll never make any money you dont have enough.

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