Homophobe harassing Target shoppers

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  1. Hope you’re ready for constant rain and very rare sunny days. It’s beautiful there, but it rains constantly. My dad lives in Tacoma and will text me a picture when there’s sun.

  2. Western Washington has sunny weather from August to October and then it’s intermittent drizzle most of the year but temperatures usually aren’t insanely high. Eastern Washington around Ellensburg and Yakima is very sunny and has low humidity and Ellensburg can be very windy. I know when people say they’re moving to Washington that they mean Seattle area, but I don’t think they realize how large the state is and how varied the climate

  3. I live in Bloomington, Indiana and visit Ellensburg quite often. This rural vs urban divide exists everywhere, but unlike the maps you typically see showing a distinct red or blue state, states are actually shades of purple. It would be crazy to assume that everyone in eastern Washington is a MAGA nincompoop. They’re there for sure, but I’ve met many “west siders” there who are cool. At least in rural Washington you don’t have the religious fruitcakes politicians that I have to deal with in Indiana. By the way, I come to Washington because I love all of it. Hopefully you realize how amazing your state is compared to most other states.

  4. The level of mind here is beyond reason, it can’t be influenced or changed no matter how high the mountain of evidence. These people have never read the Bible and only parrot the views of equally ignorant and unreachable ministers who preach the “good” parts and never talk the bulk of the Bible which is incomprehensible nonsense that doesn’t stand the test of time.

  5. So tired of crap media with no medical editors

  6. Is this from the Great Depression era? Relevant today but the style looks like early 20th century or maybe made to look that way.

  7. My husband and I left with our 2yo daughter in 2016. We moved to CO. As much as we love all our family and friends in IN, we didn’t want to raise our daughter in such a conservative state. I wish I could stay and fight the good fight, but I also need to protect my daughter. I think we made the right choice.

  8. My son is in Washington State for similar reasons, didn’t want to raise kids around religious fruitcakes. I spend a lot of time out west with them and will move myself after my mother dies. When the grandkids flew to Indiana the first thing they commented on was “where are the mountains?”, because doesn’t every place look like the west.

  9. My nephew is a Marine and I live vicariously through his experiences and wish I could go back in time and join the military. This is obviously a gross oversimplification which ignores the difficulties he’s had to deal with, the possibility of a deployment that could kill him and also an uncertain future in the job market if he doesn’t become a “lifer”. Still, he’s done some very cool shit, been to some crazy places, has gained 20 pounds of muscle and has matured into someone I’m very proud of.

  10. I live in Indiana (sorry), but I spend about third of the year in Washington with my son’s family. As you know, it’s a beautiful progressive state, but like many states that are considered “blue”, the rural areas wouldn’t categorize themselves that way. They’re more independent than the fake Christian conservatives in Indiana, but there are still Trump signs around too, generally between Spokane and Seattle. Glad you enjoyed Washington and got a good vibe

  11. Yep, my 2015 Outback Eyesight quits in hard rain, but my Toyota system always works. If your Subaru is much newer, it’s hard to believe they haven’t figured out how to fix it.

  12. There are studies demonstrating that mental illness is associated with fundamentalist religiosity

  13. My dad got a similarly outrageous bill for his helicopter ride, half as much as yours though, but he died the next day. It was so comforting to receive this and a steady litany of other such outrageous fees over the course of months, over $200,000 for two days in the hospital and nothing to show for it but a death.

  14. My camo Croc’s are way more comfortable than my Lowa boots. Traditionalists scoff at anything other than boots because they’ve never tried anything else, but I’ve taken these through a wide variety of environments and they work beautifully

  15. Something like Chacos are great and useful for diverse terrain

  16. You rarely see people recommending Chacos, but my son has hiked many miles over the years and never has blisters or pain

  17. Todd Young, fake Marine, fake Christian, but nowhere as egregious as the next level fake Christian, Mike Braun.

  18. “The Bible is Bullshit”-Penn Jillette. Penn & Teller did a whole show on the Bible on their Bullshit series.

  19. Electric cars are triggering to the conservative mindset

  20. I am conservative and have zero issues with EV's. That's just stupid lol. This is more of an Anti-Elon Musk reaction.

  21. There’s a MAGA subset that sport confederate/Fuck Biden/Trump 2024 flags on giant lifted diesel trucks and park in charging stations, sorry they identify as conservatives

  22. Indiana resident here, and not proud of it, but following the “good guy with a gun” incident at Greenwood mall, the Republicans are especially emboldened here, lots of diesel lifted trucks blasting black smoke and simultaneously bitching about gas prices

  23. There are much better options but most physicians only see this as a readily available source of calories that patients can find at Walmart and that the quality of calories won’t have any impact on cancer outcomes. Perhaps true, at that point in the disease process, but sadly, Ensure and other highly processed products (many of them plant based) make up way too much of the American diet, hence rampant obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

  24. I so wish Cummins and Lily would finally just say fuck off to Indiana. Only then will the fake Christian conservative Taliban mafia understand that the state can’t run on the country vibes of farmers and monster truck owners.

  25. Were you in Ellensburg, Washington a few weeks ago?

  26. Remember the gay rights fight and how Indiana legislators only responded when Eli Lilly began to talk about leaving the state? Same shit here. All this pious talk from fake Christians (those who have never actually read the Bible and support Trump despite his violation of every commandment and every deadly sin) will disappear when it’s clear to them that progressive companies, that are cornerstones of Indiana’s economy, aren’t cool with regressive Taliban like policies. I’ve got friends who work at Lilly and it’s no secret that this group of highly educated people aren’t thrilled with living in the middle finger of the south and having to apologize to family that they live here.

  27. Conservatives: Life begins when a man thinks about having sex with a woman

  28. I’m 63 and don’t have a primary care physician, but I was curious what my testosterone and free testosterone were. Marek Health was offering a deal so I had blood drawn at Lab Corp and since I don’t have a baseline on anything else decided to get all the standard tests a physician might run except for a standard lipid panel. I added ApoB and LPa because Peter Attia has suggested that standard lipids aren’t specific enough. Turns out my numbers were good across the board and at least I’ve got a baseline or reference when I do get on Medicare and have a physician.

  29. There are outdoor urinals in Europe so this seems pretty tame by comparison

  30. Obviously. Women with epic glutes know they have epic glutes and yes, those outfits are worn to show them off, but that doesn't also mean that they're inviting long glares or comments. Gents, go ahead and have a furtive glance or two, but don't be that weird guy.

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