1. But remember everyone. We gotta be scared of drag queens. /s

  2. My friend if you want to live a life of boredom then Amarillo is the place for you. But if you're looking for like more excitement and activities then don't move here. That's all I'm going to say like if you want to experience better like activities you definitely need to hit a bigger city for sure. Amarillo is really more for like retirees or really plain families that just don't have excitement in their lives.

  3. I think I am going to go. Never been to a drag show before. If I can show these people that not everyone here is a bigoted asshole, and piss off a few X-fascist fundies at the same time. Shit that's money well spent.

  4. Dude I wasn't originally gonna go since tickets were a bit pricey. But now I am just to smite these fuckers

  5. They fucked up hard because they brought more attention to it to others and now more people will go in support. Whatever the cuckoo religious ones oppose or try to prevent. People will respond with supporting it further. Its like a reverse uno card lmao

  6. Happened to us a few years ago in avondale, right about this time of year too. For us we were able to swing the $250~ to replace the window but for many that really messes up their Christmas plans for their family…people suck sometimes

  7. Yep its gonna take a hit for sure on the savings we have. Thankfully we have an okay cushion. But it just pisses me off to no end. But some just wake up and choose to be scummy shits.

  8. Good thing I put up our Christmas decorations today lol once the ground freezes. Good luck getting stakes in without a mallet

  9. Always love how the response to “people are leaving the church” is always “double down on the hellfire and everything that makes people uncomfortable with our religion!”

  10. Yeah and my response is always. Well all my friends are going to hell. I'm fine with joining them. If heaven is filled with these people? Yeah hell seems much more better

  11. Again the church is nothing but corrupt individuals out for money and power over others. They can fool weak minded idiots that can't afford to think for themselves or want to enjoy life now so they gotta buy their way into gods house. Enjoy life here now and stop worrying about the next. When the next comes you'll figure out it was all a waste in the house of $$$

  12. I’m looking here to see if you condemned the attack on Senator Cruz in Houston? I can’t seem to find it?

  13. Na it won't. Unless we do away with the filibuster. What did you get flagged for? I got flagged for defending myself against transphobia essentially

  14. Sounds unfair to me, but I’ve seen good folks get swarmed by alerters and banned under the Jury system there. Sorry.

  15. Yeah I'm sure a few transphobic jurors had their chance to get me. So they finally did. And I'm sure we will again here.

  16. When your dad is the real life Saul Goodman. You'll see no jail time. What a fucked judicial system

  17. We called and also sent an email but we got radio silence beyond an auto reply.

  18. Honestly if you move here, be prepared to be kinda bored unless you're an outdoor type person that loves to hike and camp. Otherwise it's gonna get boring quickly. Amarillo is more of a place for settling with family if you have one or if you're a retiree. If you're young, I wouldn't do it. I would explore bigger places first before considering this place.

  19. Jesus I am so sorry for your loss man that's really a shame someone young had to have their future robbed from them. I hope they catch this guy

  20. Yeah I'm not surprised this is what his supporters all look like. Gotta be a fake cowboy and all lol

  21. I think you meant to post this on a Facebook group right?

  22. Doesn't surprise me. The church and the GOP go hand in hand. Grifting, power hungry, child abusing nut jobs all around. Ronny is a quack and fuck religion. It's the root of all evil that's in this world.

  23. Fascism is by definition a right wing ideology. Control is all they want. Keep the rich rich and the poor stupid and hungry.

  24. Yeah and sadly many support it because they feel its patriotism in their eyes. They say communism and socialism is coming here but that's far from any truth. Fascism is though and its rapidly growing.

  25. Heading over after work on Thursday. Thanks for providing the locations this voting season

  26. Oh my god I'm glad your daughter and you were able to keep out of sight and stay safe. But contact Family Dollars main offices and tell them exactly what happened with the emergency exit. That is highly dangerous to have that locked and also illegal as another poster mentioned.

  27. Got a Five Guys already. We desperately need Jack here. So many people are waiting for it like myself. I wouldn't mind seeing Whitecastle lol good food when you're high as a mother

  28. Was born and raised here. But not everyone probably knows Amarillo has a reddit page.

  29. I know the 806 cafe on 6th did. I'm not 100% sure if they still do. But they might. I had a few friends that did a few open night mics there

  30. That’s called the democrats agenda. Free everything for everyone is socialism. Democrats (especially progressives) believe this is the way it needs to be. Scary shit

  31. That's the GOP agenda. Theocratic government where religion rules over everything and everyone. Civilized countries have universal systems in place and they aren't complaining are they? Like I get it. You don't like us on the left I totally get that because you were lead to believe we are all freeloaders looking for a hand out. I work and pay taxes. I contribute to our country. But I also believe if people need help. You should help them. That's how it should be. That should be the Christian way. But it isn't now. Its about selfishness and hatred

  32. Show me an example a country like you described btw

  33. Finland, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway all have systems in place like this.

  34. My regret was not doing it sooner. I wish I was brave enough in my early 20s to do it.

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