1. Genuinely curious if you can provide a reference for your suicide statistics.

  2. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/05/the-trouble-with-dentistry/586039/

  3. there's zoom happy hour. you can reach out to your HR business partner by filling out a ticket in jira, and having your manager sign off on it.

  4. That million dollar smile at his achievement!

  5. Trolling the sub and it worked like a charm...

  6. People usually respond more intelligently saying “oh we need to expose the bad with the good… blah blah.” No. We already know the bad. This had no helpful or informative aspect.

  7. I THOUGHT there might be something helpful or informative… I was wrong.

  8. Satire is the best way to destroy woke ideology. The more people poke fun at it, the less power it will have over everyone.

  9. I like it once in a while. You get food from restaurants for convenience. I can cook a burger on the grill that's way better than what you get at a restaurant, but I still get them them from restaurants from time to time.

  10. There are a multitude of restaurants with better mac and cheese, Brenda’s comes to mind. The only real argument for Homeroom is if someone is being careful about their calorie intake.

  11. Drive through these roads sometimes to bypass traffic. Seeing the ample space for these animals makes me happy.

  12. Seriously tho wat is dat? Large rabbit or small deer?

  13. Which is basically illinois already.

  14. It is weird that OP decided it should be so small…

  15. the only reason why i made it into a state because if i try to combine it with another state then the borders look horrendous

  16. I love KP. It is actually right across the street from Amazonas Pizza. But I find their pre-prepared and even semi-pre-prepared foods to be quite expensive. The marinated meat is over $10 a pound and the chicken wings are delicious but almost 2 dollars each. That said it’s a great resource when I can’t make it to Ranch 99 because they have a lot of the Asian staples I need.

  17. Another suggestion, realized I’m more likely to make my dollar go further by going to places that serve large portions… save half the meal for later. Oasis and Crepe Pan are a couple places that come to mind.

  18. Jennifer Warnes, The Hunter. If you mix FOH, you know what I'm talking about.

  19. That’s it… This will be my phone’s background image.

  20. Felt like that video gave me a virus, so yeah.

  21. Best thing you can do is ask people you know personally. You never know who they are connected with and it helps you get hired when they vouch for you.

  22. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt that about single use plastic that isn't recycled? According to Google Japan recycles 84% of their plastic.

  23. Wait I thought this was a major technical challenge for most types of plastic, hence the issueswehave in the us. What’s different in Japan?

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