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The man is a hero for protecting the kids

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  1. Sly, he’s the most mobile and I like being able to move around whenever I want. Murray and Bentley are really restricted in 2, but they get some better traversal moves later in the series, as well as being able to pickpocket guards

  2. Chick-Fil-A is some of the most average ass chicken I’ve ever had and don’t understand it’s hype

  3. What's the best you've had? I think Popeyes is pretty great

  4. Popeyes hands down, that shit slaps. Wendy’s has some pretty good nuggies too imo.

  5. I think out of any game glitch, the model just breaking and stretching to weird lengths is my favorite

  6. You know like prestige in CoD? It’s like that but called rebirth and all your stats get boosted tremendously and you become god.

  7. As a kid, I was never able to beat Sly 2 for whatever reason, so I knew from the intro of Sly 3 Ep 1 why he was in a wheelchair. What I did not know was how horrifying that scene actually was once I replayed the series.

  8. The second one in particular sounds like stories I’d make as a kid, just adding every character I can possibly imagine

  9. “We’re all working 6-7 days” I can guarantee you the person who wrote this note is not one of them

  10. 1: it was Ben not Barry. 2: asking a minor for nudes is not a “joke” and you should abso-fuckin-lutely be in trouble with the law for it.

  11. Nerfarious to take a vacation. Like I love him a lot, but he’s just over used

  12. Honestly I think Dan was fine when they stuck with the games he knows. The NES era, the Sierrra games, and even the few early Xbox games he watched friends play. I just think both are entirely checked out now and just don’t care anymore.

  13. I think largely because NV has really great LGBT rep, which is still rare to find, and was pretty awesome a 2010 game had it.

  14. These are the interactions I love in MMOs. Just the fun stuff messing around.

  15. Dog: you mean to tell me my job is to fetch sticks and I get treats?!

  16. To me, part of the goal of the Trooper storyline is to show the Republic Military is as bad as the Empire can be and make you question them. Same as Agent does with the Empire where you see all the shadow stuff the Empire does.

  17. Let There Be Carnage annoyed me because Carnage was hardly Carnage in the movie. I liked the first one well enough.

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