What is the saddest TV show death of all time?

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  1. Change the filter to have minimum = 1 and operational only and then save it as the default filter. Now you won’t see them anymore.

  2. Troll post? You can’t sell stuff on the flea that you bought from traders.

  3. Bro, for sure thought he was outta ammo. I’ve never seen him not shoot at me after shooting him and this man just making me do laps, marinating me before ‘the holy power slide’.

  4. I don’t think bosses ever run out of ammo

  5. Telling your manager that you're going to quit if you don't get a raise only has 3 potential outcomes:

  6. This is so ironic since Reddit overwhelming suggests NOT to take counter offers.

  7. I think since factory expansion. They have like a 3% chance of spawning.

  8. Room for rent at heritage house. Was that from an episode too?

  9. think that's just good 'ol desync, sometimes they close instantly othertimes delayed. game is scuffed from the ground up, such a shame it has no many great ideas but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

  10. Except some items are ALWAYS delayed. Like duffel bags.

  11. “Abusing desync”? Sounds like he was using good strategy when he was outnumbered. Peeking and repositioning is like the number one suggestion for new players.

  12. No one will continue the interview process if you tell them you are a 5/10

  13. Meh, depends on the scale. What does 10 mean? Everything about c#? Yeah that’s a low number. Or maybe it means a realistic 10 in the average workforce - like the top developer position at the company. Well I’ll put myself higher on the scale for that.

  14. To be fair, most of the topics mentioned in this thread fall into this category

  15. Same thing happened with me and my wife - she only wanted to be a SaHM and I wasn’t ready. Just saying you’re not ready isn’t fair and it stifles her dreams. You need to figure out why you’re not ready and come up with goals on how to overcome it. That way it’s clear to both of you at any given time if you’re ready and how far away you are. For me, it was all financial. I said we had to be able to make it on 1 income and needed $X amount in the bank to cover childbirth. Once those happened, I couldn’t come up with a reason for not being ready other than just being anxious about it. So then we had kids.

  16. I’m pretty sure it’s actually 21kg—not that I disagree with the rest of your assessment.

  17. PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN goes to top/bottom of your stash respectively.

  18. Throw a DP on the top of a razor and it’s so good now. I use to use the HAMR but the shadow on the sides is such a pain now. The Valday is literally unusable close up.

  19. I think it’s because the dot moves around like crazy compared to the eotech which is stationary

  20. I’m in the process of building our first MAUI enterprise app. We’ve built dozens of Xamarin Forms apps over the years. My frustrations:

  21. The manager should’ve rejected the PR because it was “missing apology“.

  22. I'd box with death! Best case scenario, I live, worst case scenario I'll be remembered as the guy who stepped in the ring with Death. It's still immortality in a way

  23. I meant who says anyone will see you box death? If no one sees, who will remember?

  24. Does the monster have to chew its foot off to get out of a bear trap?

  25. I don’t remember it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.

  26. That’s kind of the main scene I was looking for…

  27. I'm still convinced that someone at BSG is a Fudd for THE M1A considering that with all the changes made, it usually winds up better than the SR25, Rsass, and SA58.

  28. I agree. I had fully modded SRs, RSASS, and M1As last wipe. While the SR was my favorite to mod and was my favorite, the M1A with SASS body felt like it had so much less recoil. It didn’t make sense to run the SR which cost more and felt like it had more recoil.

  29. wasn't there a companion app to manage the hideout planned? that would do what you needed

  30. Psych was filmed primarily in Vancouver.

  31. I feel this only works if the ticket can be created in a timely manner.

  32. 100% he should enter the ticket after the fact - assuming he can enter it relatively quick.

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