1. Of course not. They are complete hypocrites.

  2. I wonder how they stay in business during non halloween season

  3. They do a lot of theater rentals I think.

  4. I am hoping people are starting to realize this isn’t a valid news site:

  5. I love the marketing for this game.

  6. "He felt the impact of his decisions."

  7. I love the one in Hanover has a rules section on their Facebook that’s says “Treat everyone with respect” and in the next paragraph says “Freedom of speech.”

  8. Their movies are still funny as ever

  9. Missed out on these. They are gorgeous. Hope you do another angel!

  10. Wonder if it will be a bitter divorce. I am sure he knows her skeletons in the closet

  11. Just another “celebrity” politician who will have no idea on how to legislate.

  12. Let me ask a serious question…how many here still use a Meta product?

  13. Not giving them aid makes us look like the bad person. Rather give them aid and take out billboards and ads saying New Jersey is with you during this trying time. We are here to help.

  14. Your fine. Caulk it, smooth it out and you are gtg

  15. That’s cause she isn’t a politician…she is a “celebrity”. Trump paved the way for “wrestler politicians.”

  16. She’s a celebrity? The fuck is she famous for? Being batshit crazy?

  17. Celebrity in meaning more of an egotistical standpoint. More concerned on feeding her ego than actually legislating and knowing exactly what to do.

  18. You could try to add a cup of dawn dish detergent to the bowl; then when you flush; it might help lubricate and dislodge the sponge….

  19. This 100%. Dawn works magic on toilets. Squeeze a bunch, then pour a bunch of hot water in. The toilet will “flush”. Once it hits your main you should be okay.

  20. Good breakdown. That hour is worth the $4.75.

  21. This is cool! Wish there was one for Bergen

  22. The Bergen County tree was actually discussed on our sub a few months ago

  23. This is why I love Jersey…most of the people aren’t shy to tell you this is garbage. The guy is a tool as well

  24. Reading through the comments, people would rather tell you not to do it. If you want to do it, go for it.

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