1. I agree on her being older, like 23/24 (which is fun considering Kristina is younger) but my theory is that Ava won’t age bc of the power of the halo

  2. You’re judging the show without even trying a single episode, and you’re looking for a similar alternative instead of starting WN, which is absurd, and who said only a few episodes are good? That’s not true at all. honestly doesn’t matter if you’re already spoiled, just give it a try and then decide

  3. S2E8? - the one where they got their cover blown right after they got out of the van. Ava asked Bea for cover. Also the scene where Bea threw a knife with striking precision while asking Ava to phase throught it.

  4. “Ava! Phase!” so cool, their chemistry and coordination was off the charts 🔥

  5. Seriously, I can't decide, what about Beatrice's last fight scene?

  6. “You all stand between me and Ava” had me floored, another one of Beatrice kicking ass to get her girl

  7. Daaaaam they went hard with this one, this is the kind of writing I wanna see on GG

  8. How was Blair/Dan random when they'd been building up their friendship since the middle of S4 and they exhibited feelings for each other right thru til after her marriage to Louis?

  9. Uhm friendship is one thing romantic relationship is another. Romantically dair had no build up, she never showed any resemblance of romantic feelings towards Dan for basically the whole time they were friends til she just randomly decided to date him because she didn’t have much left in life.

  10. What disappointed me is that the promo/concept did not match the album sound at all, I was expecting something different entirely.

  11. I agree with the promo/concept disappointment!!! I like midnights but was looking forward to the vibe she was putting out with the promo and now feel like it was wasted? And maybe we would never get an album with the vibe bc she already used that look for this album?

  12. Those vibes were sooo promising like the 70s aesthetic the beautiful words she used to describe the album, the dreamy, intimate and dark content she teased I feel like all that wasn’t delivered, and it’s a shame

  13. Not sure how their recommendations work, but I've only looked up the show a handful of times, and then this was in my notifications this evening. Can't remember what other things it's recommended me either. But.... maybe they're recommending it to other people too?

  14. Might be unpopular but it actually like the time jump, gives the story and the characters room to breath and reset so then they can move forward with the plot

  15. I mean plot wise it would make sense she has access to all the tea first hand and she has time during the day to follow people around so realistically it would fit

  16. She was angry at herself because she let her feelings for Ava get in the way of the mission, preventing Ava from sacrificing herself with Michael put everyone in danger. For the both of them this season was centered around the conflict between duty and feelings.

  17. Lilith’s mother could’ve been a nun and left the order like Beatrice did at the end, once out she could’ve had children who followed the same path of becoming OCS

  18. Mother Superion really stood out to me this season. Reminded me of John Wick. Just because she’s older she WILL kick your ass

  19. She’s so cool!! I loved her backstory and her fight scene this season was one of the best in the entire show

  20. Yeah I mean I was one of those Lunet shippers even before s1 dropped, because their pictures together looked super good.

  21. S2 was really good!! Exceed my expectations, seems that more people got curious about it and started s1

  22. Does season 2 also end in one of the worst cliffhanger pulls I'vll ever see?

  23. Doesn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger, it finishes the main plot of s2 leaving the door open for more, but they do wrap things up

  24. S2 is the absolute best with the introduction of the originals as main antagonists, TVD peaked there

  25. I honestly don’t think we can do better than this. Wednesday is coming out tomorrow and we already have like 4+ shows who we are competing against (and they’re obviously more popular) + WN is either dropping or at the end of the top 10 most watched list. I hope I’m wrong

  26. Yeah I agree, the competition is absolutely insane this November so I take these results as a win, people are doing the best they can with streaming and rewatching but there’s just so much we can do against popular shows like the ones that came out recently

  27. I’m sure they see it , but will they care?

  28. The competition they put WN against to is insane, I rarely see such a packed release of hits/big shows on Netflix, usually it’s 1/2 but this time is full, like The crown, elite, 1899, Wednesday coming up, dead to me final season, manifest s4, it’s just so so many. Hard for WN to compete

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