My late boyfriend’s memorial picture that his family posts whenever they talk about him was his reaction to my boobs.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. And I love that you have that. The laughter is so sweet.

  2. Not gonna shame you. Just gonna tell you you need help. It’s an intrusive thought. Avoid giving in to it. Try to take it one day at a time.

  3. They were on a 102pt pace during the final two months playing largely against playoff teams. That two month stretch was the only stretch of the season where they had their entire roster in tact (Tuch, Mitts, Olof, Anderson).

  4. Means we definitely need to add depth. Because if we’re out of the playoffs when we have injuries, we’d better stack our depth.

  5. It is a major victory because it will allow states where the culture is pro-life to institute blanket bans and, dare we say it, equal protection laws.

  6. The team is ready to start building toward a playoff push. This isn’t like the NFL where a first round draft pick is expected to come in and be a star right away.

  7. I’m more worried about keeping Hinostroza.

  8. Anything that contradicts Scripture is definitely not of the Spirit. We can start there. Because Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

  9. Thank you for this. This is an area I struggle with and I needed a little bit of shaming.

  10. Ma'am, as a representative of men I assure you most of us will like your boobs.

  11. Make him and Tuch co-captains. Danny Briere was the young buck, Drury was the veteran leader. Seem to remember a lot of success when we had two captains.

  12. Honestly after game 3 Ward deserves the Goaltender of the Year.

  13. Anyone know if there are plans to put a team in Tennessee? I’m from Buffalo originally so I’m an at-large resident of Banditland but I moved south a couple years ago, and still have the itch.

  14. I haven't heard anything. NLL rumours don't get leaked too much, so we don't even know what the next expansion candidates are after Vegas

  15. I’ve been to Nashville on a night when the Preds are playing. It’s like Buffalo on game night. Preds fans are just as rabid.

  16. Should Vinc start grooming a new goalie? Yes, absolutely.

  17. Cloutier was there, he was just unlucky. Smith was nowhere to be found.

  18. Honestly Dillon Ward stood on his head in game 3. An average performance from him and Buffalo would have hoisted the trophy.

  19. Yes. I believe the inerrancy of scripture is a fundamental Tennant to the Christian faith. If it's not innerant then you have to question at least some of the bible. And once you do that you'll soon start questioning the whole thing. It's too much of a slippery slope. It's either 100% truth or its false

  20. THANK YOU. You get it. I feel so seen by this comment.

  21. I’m going to say it again, but differently:

  22. Zed Williams should be a Bandit. He’s literally from the 716!

  23. Second on all of these options. Welcome. Hope to send you home disappointed only with the result of the game. 😉

  24. Lol that’s fair. But he’s a good goalie when he plays.

  25. If Anderson comes back it should be a tandem situation where they alternate starts. UPL is not a 65-game starter yet.

  26. Avs will win it. Tampa will put up a fight because it ain’t over until it’s over.

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