1. smh. This is freshist behavior and you should be rather ashamed of being scared of a man in a tshirt and booty shorts

  2. The thing about Freshies is they actually have quite a bit of health and strength. Also, their stamina is incredibly high.

  3. Again I got lost I wanted to restock on food before I left what do I have to gain about lying about shooting freshies? If I was there to do that I wouldn’t have a problem admitting that I do

  4. Screw all these haters, bro, it’s OK to own up to the fact you went to the coast for action. I do it as well! There’s really nothing left to do once you get geared.

  5. Safe spots with traders.. so you could just go say something the them without risking anything? Kinda beats the idea compared to OPs one, IMO.

  6. He lost me a “safe spots with traders “

  7. Lmao they’re just watching you go, wondering what you’re doing

  8. This is what makes me think the clip is staged

  9. Looks like they tied him up and took his guns and everything. Likely overlooked the grenade slots on the vest. I'd say this is likely legit.

  10. When he was tied up, they could see everything in his inventory- including the grenade. They let him keep it for some reason 🤔

  11. This is going to sound harsh, but I can tell from this small clip you’re more concerned with looting than PVP.

  12. Since when was Dayz only about the pvp lol

  13. Understand 🙏 This particular encounter became about PvP as soon as the other player decided it would be. OP doesn’t have control over this- only a choice to respond with violence

  14. Go do something better with your time, seriously no need to even respond. you are being a weirdo

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