Why Khloe did IVF and used a surrogate.

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  1. this version of drake needs eye cream recommendations. what are we giving him?

  2. oooooooh gorgeous!! I'm really in a green phase these days, i would kill for skates like these! congrats on your new set!

  3. Ok for real tho, for all the shit I have talked about Kim and Pete doing the most just to get attention… Kanye is so much worse

  4. he’s still losing divorce lawyers left and right tho so what’s he even celebrating here lol

  5. She announced the arrival of another baby 6 months after she gave birth and everyone had the exact same reaction—wait what? Turns out she was pregnant at the same time as her surrogate. I think there was some kind of explanation for why but i couldn’t be bothered to read it lol

  6. When I got my Reidells I had to have the arches rolled out because my toes were going numb— no amount of break-in period would have helped with that. Maybe hit up a skate shop and see if they can do that?

  7. Can you heat-mould them? I used a hairdryer to warm my (Bont Quadstar) boots and then put my foot in and wiggled my toes until they cooled. Did it a few times and they were much more comfortable.

  8. Yeah I’m thinking I might be able to do something with my laces too. I was able to fit a weight into the boot and left it in the right spot for a while and I think it helped a little. I’m gonna try adding heat to the mix, hope it works!

  9. I'm sorry but there is no way Kim is adding a pale white Pete Davidson baby to this gang, our aEsTheiCs queen is not going for that.

  10. I always wonder what they say to their kids when they do this. “Go over there and play with the nanny, True, mommy has to stay here and do some suffocating contortionist poses for Instagram. when I’m done we can go close down Disneyland for ourselves or something, just wait for mommy to finish”

  11. Right?!!! Like with her looks and money let’s be honest she could find a better looking, funny, semi paid white boy. I mean even Jessica Alba snagged a decent looking hired help to marry.

  12. I think that’s part of why she’s “with” him. All the attention she gets for them being together is like “but you’re so much hotter and richer than him—why Pete!?” And that thrills her to no end.

  13. Good question. I never thought they’d last this long because I figured they would have run out of shit to talk about after one week. Literally nothing in common.

  14. Lol he’s funny but do you think deep down he finds her annoying?

  15. I bet he would have 5 years ago but he got more famous and probably got more used to spending time with rich airheads

  16. Does no one in his life care enough to have stopped him? I can't imagine seeing someone I know do this and not tell them to get it removed or covered up asap and to get some help to figure out why they even considered doing it

  17. He’s already gotten so many spontaneous and stupid tattoos before, I bet the people who know him probably know they can’t stop him at this point

  18. I can only imagine how Kim would have felt if Kanye's new gf did this.

  19. We’d be seeing previews for next season’s inevitable meltdown episode for 6 months

  20. Travis is actually very attractive (before he speaks) n his whole female part of his fanbase literally just hypes up his looks. I think this walk is just to make him look “cool” lol.

  21. when he's relaxed and genuinely smiling i think he looks great! but we rarely see him that way. if hes living his whole life with that weird posture, it makes perfect sense why he's with kylie. they're both so insecure about their looks, smh

  22. He has to have neck problems or something because theres no excuse for that posture constantly.

  23. thats exactly what i was thinking!! i just thought he was always looking at the floor for a signature red carpet pose or something but he couldnt even look up to see where he was going, he looks like a video game character running into shit lol. he needs a physical therapist or something

  24. wow i wanna look back at old celeb pics more often now -- you can really see why people became famous. Pam is so pretty and has so much personality. Worlds apart from the 2-dimensional photoshop queens who farm bots in their followers these days.

  25. damn she can barely move. i never saw someones face get in the way of their own face.

  26. I know this probably isn’t the answer you want, but you can alway chop the top and propagate! I’ve buried some of my monsteras stem when I repot but never this much :-(

  27. The stem is looking awkwardly long/tall but I’m afraid to take it out of the pot and mess up the roots. It already outgrew its last pot and this was an upgrade but it keeps growing taller and I feel like if I’m going to preserve the roots I’m going to need an extremely tall vessel

  28. lol I saw a lady wearing leggings exactly like that the other day. Do ppl do that on purpose or do they literally just not think twice before leaving the house?

  29. Someone recently went thru my history and came at me for posting a lot in this sub when I said I didn’t like Twitter. As If using one social media platform means I HAVE to like using them all. Not only did they go thru my history but they also sent me a Reddit cares lol people are so fucking angry for nothing

  30. i remember when she first started marketing skims and how a lot of her products were based on how she used to cut up shapewear or use gaffer's tape as boob tape, etc. the PR really worked for her, i saw a ton of headlines and content about how "creative" she was. I think this is her trying to milk that storyline, but like... cutting a tank top isnt really that creative, kim. im not buying a skims crop top when i have a perfectly good pair of scissors at home, thanks.

  31. they don't even make the boob tape or the pasties anymore, and they never said why? it's strange

  32. i have a feeling when the pandemic hit, people weren't really wearing revealing dresses/outfits anymore so they werent buying boob tape, and thats why skims shifted more towards loungewear while people were stuck at home. this would be a good time to bring it back though, people are going out again and need to keep their boobs/clothes in check! lol

  33. I missed the article title & author and as I read the first couple paragraphs, I was like wow this is a really thoughtful and well-written reddit comment 😂

  34. ive seen plenty of smoke for all those celebrities you mentioned. i just think the KJ's have a stronger grip on more people's attention so they dominate the conversation more. but trust me, there is plenty of backlash for celebs refusing to admit to very obvious surgery

  35. I don’t think the “smoke” is proportional (I’ve never seen anyone bash Chris or Halle). From what I’ve seen, people claim that because they are one of the reasons why the beauty standard was what it is for so long, it’s their responsibility to be open about their cosmetic work. But looking back (prior to the KJs), in the early 2000s, no celebrity disclosed their surgeries. They either straight-up denied or didn’t address them and I don’t remember people getting outraged. Paris Hilton swears never having any cosmetic work done to this day, Beyonce and Tom Cruise have never admitted to plastic surgery, Megan Fox said she never got anything done, and so on… and these were people responsible for the beauty standards years ago

  36. well yea, in the early 2000s we werent on reddit / ig / youtube reading about these people all the time, but people were certainly still talking about it. i remember flipping through tabloids with my mom when i was younger and we would talk about who got what work done lol. and back then, kim wasnt constantly occupying everyone's attention like she has been since social media popped off. also i think other celebrities get less backlash for their surgery because it's more subtle and natural-looking. kim's body is so drastically different from what she used to look like before, and because she dominates the conversation (on purpose), it might seem like in comparison, no one talks about other celebs. i think that people do talk about other people's surgery, kim just gets more attention for it because she asks for it.

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