1. Experience se jyada to WikiHow wala ans lag raha h

  2. BM pirates are nearly disbanded and now Katakuri is free he too had his ambition but was caretaker of BM he can go solo like Law

  3. I think Jacquline, man she has to suck conman to get loaded.

  4. Wo kisi aur kisi aur se milne jaa rahi hain hum phir bhi unka song may be

  5. Where is that conman, he may fit in somehow in this type movie, poor jaq all alone.

  6. Reporting her in category of child p**** make work so, we used to get essay topic on why kids should be under strict watch who gets media exposure under age, a little success makes them out of childhood game as their parents try to take it to the next level, child artist parents should be counselled strictly. See these thing make some parents to overdo their children at small ages to satisfy their sadistic ego. If you go back +10 yrs there was a case of child pseudo named Prince fell in open borewell and he got 24*7 coverage till rescue and lot of monetary rewards and after that there were a lot of reports of child falling Into borewells there were true accidents but few parents took risk too. Fame/Showbiz is like a drug and it's addiction ruins you. Page 3 movie did look I to dark side. Too rustic society.

  7. Kishimoto forgot to give sasuke op sword skill, while he gave everything to sasuke. Whenever I see sasuke I get triggered to rant for it. Like for me naruto ended happily after Pain arc where he finally gets recognised by village after that it changes to sasuke shippuden.

  8. None of them are close to garp vs luffy at marineford

  9. This is one of reason why India supports Russia strongly. US will do anything immoral to sustain its supremacy.

  10. Man those days when Mohabbatein came on cable TV classmates used to discuss, how romantic movie it is, how they cried knowing about ash's death, but I haven't watched mohabbatein till now completely, such tit bit my sister told me the story meh I didn't liked it. Romantic movies aren't my cup of tea exceptions are there but most of them I just leave them.

  11. Don't worry Virat will support it.

  12. May it's fusion of dark fruit and quake fruit which produces new attack. In my view conquerer are not deceitful and sneaky like BB, those we new who have conquerer haki are bold and straightforward. Kaido, BM, Kid, Shanks, Chinjou, Ace, WB, Roger, Luffy, Hancock and rest, so very less chances of BB having Conquerer haki.

  13. Hrithik sisters from koi mil gaya pon pon po

  14. Chaand me bhi daag hota hai, agar saare accha actors rahenge to apan burai kiski karenge.

  15. Just saying if it goes other way these corporates stop selling hallal meat and start jhatka then their will be boycott too. Meat is not meat there is religious meaning to it. You have to print hallal checked before selling meat too, so we can't outright mock them, issues are but stop poking in everything .

  16. I don't get it why media gives light to these dumb people and shitty organisation, who whore themselves to rich. People who have not lost or has a patient of dog bite will never understand it. For me dogs who create nuisance should be exterminated. These are western addiction get a hold.

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