1. I'm dealing with #1 right now, that would have been a great idea. NOBODY answers, it almost seems like it's not even a legit business number. No voicemail, nothing. The installers were great, my sales guy has been great but the customer service portion is a joke.

  2. On average, they’ve gotten warmer every year for the last four or five years.

  3. Yeah, it is all normal. And if you want your mind blown talk to a handy man in your area. They will most likely inform you that the “higher end”/premium quality neighborhoods are built as cheap as possible. I have been to entire neighborhoods that have no j channel between the soffit and siding. And behind the siding is card board. Many of those houses are already leaking from the 2nd floor through the entire house. If you got a house where one building company did the entire allotment than good luck. Make a handy man best friend. They will be useful.

  4. My coworker just bought in a new subdivision in a high end neighborhood. Hurricane hit, he had water rushing in from the second floor. Had a roofer come out to figure out what the issue was. At the valley where the second story met the first and went to the gutters, they painted over the gap and never caulked it. Multiple neighbors had the same issue.

  5. My father-in-law passed away and we drove up to Arkansas for his funeral. We stopped at a dinner somewhere in the middle of no where wheat fields Arkansas for breakfast after I drove all through the night.

  6. That's crushing. As a kid that grew up at Sci-Fi City, that just sucks to see.

  7. I refinanced and Wells Fargo SEVERELY underestimated my escrow. I was short almost $4,000 that I just forked over to fix it.

  8. I remember training as a teenager with an Olympic gold medalist in his back yard ring. He trained local kids, he spoke almost no English, he was old school and I'm pretty sure he just enjoyed beating the shit out of kids. You either learned or you got hit. Hard.

  9. Whenever we have large stuff to pickup (be it furniture or obviously much more often, yard waste) we put a small cooler out there with drinks for them. I've never considered leaving cash tips. As someone who delivers for a living, it's really nice to get a cold drink or snack left for you.

  10. Don't let her fool you, she's such a troublemaker. She's my cuddly baby though... When she chooses, which is rare lol.

  11. Yeah I miss mine too. She was the best human being ever. She suffered pretty badly from COPD though so there was peace in knowing she wasn't suffering anymore.

  12. Sucks, I'm like 90% sure I got a code at some point and deleted it. Checked everywhere though, can't find it. Tried asking on the SuperFan Facebook page and admins didn't approve the post.

  13. I've met several that deliver propane to our plant. Run a few loads from Georgia to Florida and then home at night.

  14. All of you saying smoke or roast the turkey instead don't know what you are missing. I've been frying turkeys for 20 years and it is the most delicious way to have them. I'll never go back.

  15. I smoked my first one last year and it was a huge hit. I'm frying my first one this year. Hopefully another hit lol.

  16. I season the morning of as I eat later in the day. I use a rub of

  17. Thanks for the tips! I just watched 5 videos and everyone says to cook to 180°. The stuff I read the last few days says 155° and the rest brings it up to 165°. What temp do you cook to?

  18. I used to do this but peanut oil is now $48 each. And if I recall I used more than 1

  19. I just spent like $90 on oil. $49.99 for a 3 gallon container and $18.99 for two 1 gallon...

  20. There was a whole series of punk cover comp CDs.

  21. Several great covers came from there on my playlist.

  22. We bought one at a Spanish meat market recently and it had the skin. Completely caught me off guard. I checked another Spanish market we usually get fruits and vegetables from and noticed they all had the skin. Maybe cultural?

  23. No. You require 160 hours of CDL Training for Class A, 80 hours for B before you can take the road test.

  24. I don't think this is true in all states?

  25. what state are you in? i’ve heard from other sources that in cali you have to be in school i order to take the written test lol

  26. I asked for a raise, was dicked around about it, told them I could easily go to the competitor down the road and get the money I'm asking for, got a 9.5% raise. This was ~two years ago.

  27. I produced a whopping 5.5kW today. I don't think we saw the sun once today in Florida though lol.

  28. K.Kars on North OBT. You'll never meet a more trustworthy mechanic than Dave. He did work for the company I work for on the fleet of trucks we drive. I still go to him for anything. It's not common now days but he's a truly honest and trustworthy guy.

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