1. I think he said something much worse than shut the fuck up lol but I may have heard it wrong

  2. I think he said shut the fuck op and the “suck my fucking dick” was from one of the fans he was yelling at

  3. I had someone yell at me for walking my dog in 50 degree weather saying it was too cold, before.

  4. It must be exactly 63.28 degrees out otherwise your dog will be suffering the entire walk. Thought that was common knowledge 🙄

  5. Yes I can confirm as someone not originally from the northeastern United States but lives in New York the team name Yankees offends me very much. I'd much rather they call themselves the New York Baseball Team.

  6. Well there can be New York Baseball Team 1 and New York Baseball Team 2

  7. Dang Ian and Peyton got real lucky. Faithlyn? Gracelyn? Quinnlyn?

  8. Hopefully her name doesn’t get leaked like Kobe’s victim. She was outed by the National Enquirer and her life was never the same.

  9. Didn't her lawyer post an email on twitter and not crop out/cross out her email address? I'd imagine that didn't make it any easier for her.

  10. Who's the fourth? Helsley, Matz, Arenado, and who else?

  11. This is a massive failure of the scouting department. The article claims this case well known around SDSU and our team didn’t discover this?

  12. Worst thought is they did know about it and thought it was worth drafting him for the chance nothing more came of it...

  13. I want to say that doesn’t sound like us but no way I can say that without being a biased fan wanting to believe that’s not true. Entirely plausible in the NFL.

  14. Especially looking at precedents. I don't want to think that they'd do that either but who knows...

  15. Have we found out Helsley’s daughter’s name?

  16. It's Eliana, was on their IG. Objectively better than Stevie Jhett.

  17. "The Jhett" is a pretty cool baseball nickname

  18. It depends what you're hunting. Trophy hunting animals like lions? No. Hunting overpopulated animals like deer? That's fine imo someone needs to get rid of them because they're not good for the environment.

  19. Don Denkingers safe call in the 1985 WS

  20. Wait, Wainwright only has 188 career wins?

  21. This is games they started in which the Cardinals won, not necessarily games where Wainwright got credited with the win.

  22. Hey does anyone know who's pitching for the Reds? Kinda looks like that guy Hunter Greene

  23. Yes. As long as your not running the middle of their lawn, it's fine. My neighborhood doesn't have a sidewalk and no one here cares if someone walks on their lawn as long as they're in a reasonable place.

  24. We all know it's happening tonight right? I mean there's no way he doesn't homer.

  25. I don't see how he couldn't, seeing as this year he's hit a home run in every game against a left handed pitcher.

  26. Even weirder to me that she only has 1,700 followers on Twitter. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong account?

  27. She's bigger on other platforms, she has 871k on Instagram and 6.8 million on TikTok.

  28. Depended on the teacher. Some of them made you feel stupid, some of them didn't.

  29. I'd take the under on that one.

  30. It's a potato, a beautiful potato.

  31. The only upside is she could go by probably any nickname she wanted to.

  32. He's a dog. If you were naming your child this, they would have a point but this dog is not going to care and if you dislike it in the future you can find a nickname.

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