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  1. What’s the soup de jour? It’s the soup of the day. That sounds good. I’ll have that.

  2. The coding train does a lot of projects using p5.js. Very specific but it’s great to see his thought process and problem solving methodology.

  3. It’s been a loooooong time but the oracle games always held a special place in my heart.

  4. This should be top comment. I miss living near the water.

  5. I totally agree. I currently live in Indiana, but I’m originally from Michigan. I find myself wondering why I live here and what I need to do to move back.

  6. Hi fellow Michigander in Indiana... I think that's a common sentiment from most of us living here. My sister is here also and we were just talking about that.

  7. The thing holding my family back right now is the risk in giving up 2 stable well-paying jobs to make the move. (I know I’m very fortunate that I can say both my wife and I have good jobs that treat us well).

  8. Tap fries are my personal favorite. The sauces and seasoning are amazing. I don’t eat out often (more so due to kids than COVID), but I went to the tap on Friday and the fries were just as good as I remember. Sadly the state of the tap was less than desirable. The walls looked gross and the whole place had a funky smell to it.

  9. this is my first post on twosentencehorror, so my apologies if i could’ve worded this better! i meant that the earth’s atmosphere slowly kills people as they age, and since he is floating away he will live in solitude forever.

  10. This was actually refreshing and original; I wasn’t expecting it. Good work!

  11. I never been there but people told me they are great. I will visit soon.

  12. I second two sticks. In addition to the scones and hand pies they have really good focaccia. The sweets are amazing too, especially when the M’Oreo is in season.

  13. I was going to ask “is this game for me?” But after re-reading the title and seeing that it’s “7.5k hours” and not “7.5 hours”, I think I know the answer.

  14. I also had an ectopic. People cheering for the overturning of roe… to me it seems like they are cheering for my funeral.

  15. As a husband and father, this type of thing is what scares me the most. I’m glad you made it out ok (but I have no idea what the emotional trauma you endured).

  16. Plus that teardown of Dodgson's ego after he fired Malcolm was amazing.

  17. I agree the inclusion of the original three was nice, but Laura derns performance was not her best. Also, Ian Malcolm’s character seemed to have too much of Thor ragnarok’s grandmaster in him (he was too whimsical).

  18. Man Laura Dern was the best part of that movie she carried it !

  19. Really? I got really upset at the scene where she looks over the field to see all of the damage done by the locusts. It was clearly a salute to the scene where she first sees the dinosaurs in Jurassic park, but it seemed so weird to me and felt her acting was forced/cheesy in that scene.

  20. Ah so that's the original title of the song their lawyer made them change!

  21. That woman always starts the movie looking completely clean and pristine and perfect and ends it looking like she went through a blender.

  22. In regards to point #2, why don’t we just make the out-of-combat action a bonus characteristic of multiple moves? For instance, the HM for rock smash will smash rocks in the over world. Once you get that HM, other moves like brick break would also have the same effect, but brick break would not be learnable via HM. This provides some variety and also removes the concern of making the default HM moves too strong in combat.

  23. 1 in 4 will develop one kind of cancer in their life time

  24. I was having an off day to begin with and read this comment just before I was going to fall asleep. thank you so much

  25. That module is designed for breadboard use.

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