1. Her being more religious makes me nervous, I only know the bad stuff people share and nothing else at all though. I just wish I was more enlightened so it didn’t make me feel awkward

  2. I think you worded it very respectfully and idk why you got downvoted. It's okay to simply ask and not everyone has the time or ability to do in-depth research, especially into complicated topics like religion. There's definitely some scandals and dark aspects to organized religion, and it is often misused, but it can also be a way for people to feel connected with a broader community, get guidance in life and work through their struggles, as well as retain hope.

  3. I love Jack and known him before he was with LDR. Cos the music he makes under the name Salem is fantastic to my taste and the trash vibes is a part of the art he goes for. Love them both! 💗

  4. I have to admit I didn't know him before Lana. But it seems like Salem is fairly well-known in certain circles in the US. I'm glad he is a successful musical artist on his own, and not a clout-chaser. Clay and Sean seemed that way to me, especially since they obviously leaned into their "Lana's boyfriend" role a lot.

  5. I'll copy my post from another thread because it fits well here.

  6. Good point. She could be using the CPAP machine because of the heart attack, but maybe she already had issues before that too. We don't know anything about Anita at all, really

  7. Watching Norma's backstory and storyline pissed me off that they gave a useless mute the spotlight.

  8. I mean, I sort of liked the cultish Manson-like boyfriend backstory. But I feel like it dragged on for way too long. It could have been shown in 1-2 scenes instead of being the theme of an entire episode. That extra time could have been allocated to Gina. Like I could imagine a backstory where Gina's clumsiness/bad luck resulted in some big accident where people died or something.

  9. Same. He seems like one of the types she's sung about. And he's got that lizzy grant era trailer park white trash vibe, in a good way lol. Out of her recent boyfriends, he looks more fun and interesting than Evan, Clay and Sean too.

  10. I liked Leanne's Amish background. You don't see it on many shows, but stories like hers aren't uncommon. It was also interesting to see how her mother supported her even after her incarceration, while her father basically shunned her after the first signs of delinquency. Plus, we got to see how her upbringing influenced her even in prison (her cultish behavior towards Norma, her zeal and anger when Pennsatucky started deviating from religion, her sexual inexperience and ignorance).

  11. No wonder she doesn't interact as closely with fans as she used to. Ppl treating her like some kind of object. Cringy overly obsessive fans

  12. Dump him 💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💋💟❣️❤️‍🔥❤

  13. I have seen something similar with πάντα μπροστά used in campaigns and ads though

  14. Όλα θα πάνε στραβά κι αν δεν είσαι εδώ θα πάνε στραβά ακόμη περισσότερα από όλα. Έκανα πρόσφατα ανακαίνιση και δεν υπήρξε ούτε ένας από τους τεχνίτες που να έκανε δουλειά που να μην χρειάστηκε διόρθωση. Στο δε μπάνιο, πραγματική καταστροφή με τα πλακάκια.

  15. Συμφωνω απολυτα. Ειναι παρα πολυ δυσκολο να βρεις μαστορες που να ειναι τυπικοι, σωστοι επαγγελματιες, καλοι σε αυτο που κανουν και ταυτοχρονα δεν θα προσπαθησουν να σε κλεψουν/εκμεταλλευτουν. Υπαρχουν αλλα ειναι ελαχιστοι

  16. Hairytales έχω κάνει την θεραπευτική και είδα τεράστια διαφορά . Επίσης έχει προσφορά μέσω goldmall

  17. γινεται δηλαδη να κανεις θεραπεια για φριζαρισμα χωρις να στα ισιωσουν μονιμα;

  18. The summertime sadness remix on the radio lol. Pretty basic but yeah

  19. The Office.. Ja okay, ich verstehe dass der Humor absichtlich trocken und albern ist usw, aber es ist trotzdem unlustig

  20. Danke the office drei Mal angefangen aber ich halte diese Art nicht aus.

  21. Wenn du erwähnst dass du Office nicht so geil findest, 90% der Fälle hörst du: "Du musst dir die UK Version anschauen, die ist viel besser!" oder "du musst es dir 2-3 Mal reinziehen, dann verstehst du es!"

  22. Didn't you say in a previous post that you've waited for years?

  23. As in reincarnation, in my past life I was a man names Achilles. I was a Greek warrior a very long time ago

  24. Ο,τι και να κανεις, ΨΗΦΙΣΕ. Παιδια, οχι λευκο ή ακυρο.

  25. I love it when men still wear a watch regularly. They have kind of disappeared for everyday use since it has become easy to check the time on your phone, but I still think a timepiece is so much classier.

  26. Χαχα καλό, σιγά μην ήταν τόσο εύκολο.

  27. How come I see a lot of love for this model on here but I rarely (if ever) see anyone rocking the classic blue bezel yacht master ii. That’s the one I want

  28. Agreed. Submariner tops this one imo but blue YM gives it a run for its money

  29. I think she was just so extremely selfish, she wanted to get out of there ASAP and after she did, she was so focused on getting revenge on Caputo, that she forgot the rest. She most likely only pretended to care so she wouldn't get shanked anyway

  30. Ich weiß den Link nicht auswendig, ich such mal

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