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  1. I’ve wanted to be an EMT for a long time but I literally can’t afford to pay out of pocket for the training for a wage that low lol.

  2. I grew up in Florida and my college roommate was from Alabama. There's a town called Floribama on the border between the two states. The county on the Alabama side is a dry county and there are several liquor stores along the border on the Florida side. I wonder if pro-choice/anti-choice borders will be dotted with abortion providers soon.

  3. It’s already happening in Idaho. Our planned parenthood moved their clinic from Meridian to Ontario, Oregon (border town) months ago. We cross the border for weed all the time. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. ☝🏻This right there is a perfect example when you should start giving Fidelity customer reps a hard time. WE are their customer, and thus they should abide by our requests, including DRS!

  5. Be nice to the customer service reps, y’all. They’re ordinary people going to work and cashing a paycheck, and unless you’ve worked in a call center you likely don’t know what stupid policies and procedures they have to work with or what pressure management (or pissed off customers) are putting on them. Being a dick doesn’t solve anything. They’re likely trying their best.

  6. Being upfront about a process that can negatively impact a move with your money is hardly being a dick. If anything, that rep should be mentioning my concerns to whoever management is so that they can adjust the “let me check in back to see if I can do that” comment.

  7. Whatever is going on with Fidelity, I pinky promise swear the folks answering the phone are not actively trying to disceive you. They’re being given a confusing set of instructions about what they can and can’t say by management about a situation that’s evolving.

  8. I was never Mormon but I was raised in a heavily fundamentalist Christian church and in an area with a lot of mormons. This type of thinking, “it’ll be better in heaven so why bother trying to make life better”, especially since my dad/our church believed that Jesus could return AT ANY MOMENT and take the True Believers to heaven, REALLY messed up my child brain in terms of suicidal ideation. It’s awful.

  9. The policy is in her name, on herself and her ex with her minor child as a beneficiary, coming directly out of her paycheck, not any sort of joint account, and it’s not a “marital claim”, it’s a claim because he was the father of the minor child. It’s being paid out because he was financially responsible for the child, not because they were married. What’s not clicking?

  10. They are cheaper than actual therapists so you get what you pay for

  11. Depending on where you live/if you have insurance, a licensed therapist could definitely be cheaper. I know therapy can be hard to access, but I can’t imagine life coaches are cheap lmao

  12. If you have any semblance of an Internet connection, online therapy is an extremely viable option. In the USA your limitation would be to therapists licensed in your state. The folks to choose from, even in rural states, are many.

  13. I was mostly referring to therapists covered by universal healthcare outside the US, but you’re right, telehealth has definitely made rural access easier. :>

  14. My dad was an elementary (and later middle school) teacher in our very small town for over forty years. (He had me and my brother when he was older). growing up I had SO MANY people approach me to say “oh you’re Mr. So-and-So’s daughter, right? He was my fourth grade teacher!! I loved him so much, he was one of the best teachers I ever had! You’re so lucky he’s your father!”

  15. Yes, OP, this is a good answer. I worked at a bank and we would always advise people that wanted to dispute a charge to wait for it to be done pending. It’s completely possible the charge will drop off

  16. you don’t have to wait for the transaction to be done pending. you CAN wait as the charge MIGHT “drop off” —or the merchant fixes it when they process all their charges in a batch, as merchants often do—but customers should not be advised to wait to file a claim as this can put the bank in violation of reg E (in the US at least).

  17. If they file a claim now McDonald’s wont be able to refund. They could be waiting up to 60 days to get their money back with a claim

  18. if it’s the same amount/merchant and it’s transferring to the new card, it’s not a hack. Have her contact Visa or MasterCard and tell them the purchases are unauthorized and they can put a block on it. Some merchants have contracts with visa/mastercard to get the new card number if you replace your debit/credit card.

  19. We're highly considering moving out of the state within the next couple of years, mainly due to how crappy the politics are getting. I've been doing my best to support candidates that will actually improve things, and have sent countless letters and e-mails to our existing reps only to have them fall on deaf ears. I've voted in every single major election since I've been of age, and try to get to primaries and local offices as often as possible too. I love this state, I was born and raised here. I've tried to improve it rather than just abandon it. Unfortunately the majority of voters here seem hell-bent on destroying it by continuing to vote against their own best interests. I'm tired, and it just seems less and less like home as time goes on. I don't know where it would necessarily be better though, a move would likely be trading one set of problems for another.

  20. Yep. State your internet to cancel in some way, and then drop a stop payment on them.

  21. Bank employee here. For best results notify them in writing (email is fine) at least three business days before your payment comes out/you contact the bank. You can definitely contact them verbally or contact the bank first, but the bank is more likely to refund you if you contact the merchant first and it’s good to have something in writing that you attempted to cancel with them and they continued to bill you if you need to dispute a charge later.

  22. Should everybody on the internet be legally required to post trigger warnings or declarations of fiction?

  23. Devastating. I don’t have much to add other than what’s already been said, but I had hoped he was getting better. :(( what a terrible loss, my heart goes out to his family and to Rachel, it must be really hard right now.

  24. [here’s some information about religious trauma syndrome in case it helps anyone here] (

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