1. I paid the deposit so I can't back out anymore. J kept backing out before and kept feeling guilty about moving out that I never did. But, this time, I've had it.

  2. Hey Everyone! I'm back here. I didn't leave our house cause I thought the situation was getting better but it did not. Now, my adoptive mom talked to my biological mother and my bio mom said that they will make me go back to the Philippines because I'm a good for nothing child.

  3. Oh ok. Ask for family therapy. You’re just not communicating well. And if you bought your phone the put your own pass on it.

  4. I did pay for my phone. It has passcode in it but she knows it. Anyways, thank you for suggesting therapy. I will have another talk with my mom tonight and ask her if we can do family therapy or counseling. Growing up with her, we were never really close. We don't have that mother-daughter bond, it's so hard to communicate or open up to her. I don't know what I should be telling her and how to talk to her. I will ask her to do family therapy/counseling and if she doesn't want to do that then I'm leaving. It's hard for me to communicate and talk to her. Going to therapy should help us.

  5. Leave. I left at 17. Just make sure you can carry your living costs without doing anything crazy. You don’t owe her any money it’s crazy she even says that

  6. Is it okay if I direct message you here? I just have some questions.

  7. My bio mom just sent me a message saying to go back to the Philippines because I did nothing but stress my adoptive mom here. Like wtf

  8. I still cry for him. I want him back. I still love him. I hate how it hurts so much. I feel like this break up never hurt him at all. I mean, who am I anyway? His girlfriend of 6 months who did nothing but gave him all the love I have. I hate to think that I was the only one in love and was the only one hurting in this.

  9. Terrible. BUT, it's because of our relationship not because it was long distance. I don't think the distance would have made any difference with how our relationship turned out, if that makes sense. I just fell in love with the wrong guy and that crushed my heart because I stayed and held on to the relationship no matter how hurt I felt.

  10. Now focus on yourself from now on and abstract from dating. Find yourself a real man who’s willing to stay up every night etc to do beyond the bare minimum

  11. Yeah. I'm done dating for now. I'm going to focus on my degree and goals. He couldn't even do the bare minimum tbh. I realized how it's always me doing everything in this relationship. Calling, visiting, sending gifts, etc. I spent so much money, time and effort in this relationship that all went down the drain. Because I did it for the wrong guy.

  12. You can technically sue him, I know a couple of friends who did this. Tell him to pay up.

  13. I'm not going to sue him. I'd feel so bad and worse. I'll just let all of that go. Thanks for the advice tho. I offered to pay for those things including his rent and insurance because I know I can and I love him. I'm just going to see a therapist now and move on.

  14. When I got cheated on, I felt repulsed by him. I thought he was so disgusting, I couldn't even look at him. So yeah, I hope she finds a better man that would respect and cherish her.

  15. Yep, this. Just because you apologized to her and is trying to make yourself better (which is good) and do better. Sometimes when people get hurt by someone whom they thought would never do something to them, their feelings not only dissipates but it turns to disgust and anger to the person.

  16. I feel you OP. I'm of legal age and my parents won't let me meet my SO's parents and stay over at their place. They told me that I should meet his parents after 2 years of dating! We're only a few hours apart and we live in the same country. They have met my SO multiple times at that.

  17. I don't see anything wrong with sending her money. As long as she's not harassing you or constantly asks you for money. Make sure tho, that you're not putting yourself in debt or forgetting to pay your bills when doing so.

  18. We usually just stay in his apartment and cuddle, watch movies and order food lol. I hate going out 😅but sometimes if he does plan something such as going to the arcades or bowling we do go. It honestly just depends on our moods lol

  19. We don't sleep on the phone because he said it distracts him ans he can't fall asleep.

  20. I think the fact that he did it twice, and then hid it for weeks, would be dealbreakers for me. He also doesn’t seem particularly sorry, like he wanted to clear his guilty conscience, but now you should just let it go? That doesn’t sound like someone I would be able to trust had learned and grown from a single mistake. Like if he’d impulsively kissed someone, once, and then called crying about it immediately, I would maybe believe that person was sincerely sorry, and had learned their lesson. A guy who went back for seconds and then only fessed up weeks later because he felt guilty for lying? No thanks

  21. I understand. I did think about these things too. But, I'm dumb so I forgave him and gave him another chance. I don't know how this relationship is going to go, if it ever is going to go. I'm just hoping for the best, tbh.

  22. If you think it was “dumb” to give him another chance, it’s never too late to change your mind

  23. I still love him and still want to work things out with him. He says he loves me and won't do it again. Honestly, sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. Like why can't I just let him go.

  24. I really don't like cheaters. That being said here's what I'd do. Hook up with another dude, like from an app, who he doesn't know. Tell your ex you did. No details, no this isn't equal bullshit. Then ask if he still wants to get back together.

  25. Honestly, when we first started dating. I told him about how I hate cheaters. My dad was a cheater. I told him how my parent's marriage ended. My dad was drunk and had an affair with another woman. My bf knew that. Yet, he still did it. I forgave him because it was just a kiss right. Idk at this point, I'm feeling so crappy and stupid about myself.

  26. He is probably confessing a kiss when he really fucked her. To make himself feel better…he’s confessing to a kiss…there is really no concern for you. Like this random girl on vacation? Really? Not even emotional cheating led to that. That’s fucked and you deserve better.

  27. I did ask him if they did more than kissing. And that's when he said that he kissed her twice and not once. He told me not to worry and he won't do it again. He said it was just some random girl on vacation that he kissed.

  28. Yes, she gives me the silent treatment. Snarky comments and remarks. The evil eye and you name it. I can understand how you feel.

  29. I'm adopted and my mom says the same thing to me. Basically saying, they helped me out of poverty, paid thousands of dollars to adopt me and gave me food and shelter. Now, she wants me to pay her all the money she's spent on me.

  30. Strict ass parents raised sneaky, lying kids... It's not our faults tbh.

  31. I admire you for wanting to stay to protect your little sister. I hope things work out for the two of you. Take care and stay safe!

  32. Agreed. In my experience, the only time they ever change their opinions is when someone with authority explains it. As their kid, you by definition will never have more authority.

  33. I tried suggesting family therapy to my mother, because maybe these professionals can help both of us to communicate better and explain my side but she said no to that. She told me we don't need to air our dirty laundry out. So, what kind of authority are we talking about? I'm just curious, thank you.

  34. I learned this the hard way last night. I tried to talk to my mom, explaining my side and all I got was my complaints are laughable and I should be thankful that I am here instead of the Philippines. I really do appreciate everything they have done for me and I will repay their kindness once I get a high paying job but I'm leaving. I don't care if they disown me, I'm leaving. I've had enough of my AM telling me how much money she's spent on me. To anyone who is going thru tough times, we're going to make it. Keep going strong. Take care

  35. I think that if you want to move out, you should be financially independent. Have things ready, a job, a decent place to live, a real budget, savings, emergency fund and add to that, are you going to university or college? Moving out costs a lot of money, have you thought about the other consequences such as your family disownning you? Not receiving any help from them? Find places where you can get help such as youth shelters, women shelters or men's. You are legally alone to move out at 18, there's nothing they can do to stop you. I do suggest you think about your decisions and make a realistic plan to move out. Take care.

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