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  1. I wonder if the school his little brother goes to will effect him at any point. I know the younger Ukalele was looking hard at Ohio State, and DJ ain't going to Ohio State, but maybe that changes things for both.

  2. I unironically think Jake Moody deserves it over everyone else.

  3. I'm an Ohio State fan. He's automatic

  4. They still can fuck around with you, with next to no consequences. Its just much less likely to lead to any criminal consequences because any evidence gotten from violating your rights is inadmissable. Its definitely not foolproof though

  5. You can win a lot of money in lawsuits if you can prove they violated your rights.

  6. I always heard that they can pull some probable cause nonsense by saying they "smell weed or alcohol" in the vehicle, is that not true? At which point they can try to make that search last forever if they don't like you.

  7. They have to be able to defend probable cause. In general, if they want to search your car they will, but then they have to file and defend it.

  8. Pretty sure it’s going to Caleb, but man, does Caleb’s attitude the last couple weeks make me wish it went to Stroud if I couldn’t have Max win it.

  9. I think Max takes it. There is no clear favorite and that could lead voters to make the fun pick

  10. Because both isn’t realistic and Ohtani seems to be the better bargain out of the two. That guy would rock NYC in a way we’ve never seen.

  11. I think we can. Cohen basically has unlimited money.

  12. i mean hes the obvious one and the shiny toy but he also is a risky deal in and of himself. not sure who else would be on the market, correa or bogaerts if we shift one to second and move jeff to lf? bell to play 1B (who always is only good for half the season) and pete DHs? a trade maybe for somebody with a year left or some shit? conforto (LOL)?

  13. I'd offer Judge 8 years if the money skewed heavy towards the first half of the contract, with him being able to opt out after 4. Make the rest of the contract incentive based and give him a Bonilla style retirement if he chooses instead of paying him the incentives.

  14. I'm hoping for Taijuan Walker or Senga. I love Bassitt but I'm not sure if he is keen on staying in NY.

  15. Senga, Walker, Nimmo, and Judge, plus relievers and we have the biggest FA ever. Spend all the money to win now and keep all the prospects to win later.

  16. It's a shame a lot of people won't get how funny this comment is

  17. It was at 8 when I commented, glad this joke had the run it deserved

  18. Would rather have Verlander in a short term deal than Rodon on a long term one

  19. Damn the mets have the ass of lindors wife and tits of kate upton, consider me hard…the jilk will be plentiful

  20. Don't listen to the other guy telling you to seek God. Totally overrated. Maybe just jack off for the post nut clarity before commenting.

  21. the announcers called it allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, which it what it was. not all the allegations were the same, and a good junk of them weren't sexual assault, but rather sexual misconduct.

  22. And some of them were rape, but I don't even know if you can say that on TV.

  23. not a watson protector by any means but i dont remember any rape allegations. wasnt part of the chicken shit excuse the nfl had for being way too lenient was that he hadn't raped anyone?

  24. I remember 2 accusations of him forcing himself on women orally.

  25. You could have put any lost of teams in there and the last sentence would have been fine.

  26. Mine was 2, but only because we found it in my dad's closet at our grandparents house.

  27. The big car show in Cleveland has an obstacle course for driving stuff like trucks and jeeps and they have a giant teeter totter and a really steep hill as part of it.

  28. If we lose, we become Ar and Mike Leach will take over the program

  29. Or, they let you keep the K and Ken Hamm gets to be coach

  30. I mean, if I'm home alone, I might let an "oh God yes" slip, so I guess I'm fine?

  31. The only team they could've dropped to was OSU, who won one fewer game, had the same amount of losses, and whose one loss was by a wayyyy larger margin and not in OT (granted to a better team). Plus we know the committee likes to avoid rematches in the Semis. Idk why anybody thought they would drop.

  32. Yup, going into Saturday Ohio State was 4, and Georgia, UM, and TCU were all playing for seeding 1-3. TCU lost, so they got 3.

  33. The one thing the CFP and BCS got right is no preseason rankings. Give it 4 weeks for teams to show who they really are.

  34. I think even 4 weeks is too early, and obviously for the TV show. Rank them after week 8, when most teams have multiple losses and only rank the teams with a pulse.

  35. What a shallow argument. If education money wasn't so easy to get tuition would not be as high as it is. If you gave a problem with the cost (and you should) take it up with the people setting the price, dont expect others to pay your way. If you cant afford it look into a trade to take up, contrary to popular belief you're not above that. Or if you choose college get a degree in something that has a future and the earning potential to repay said loan.

  36. Societies that don't educate their populations end up fascist. And America already elected a fascist once.

  37. So choose, I don't know, any other Southern state. Georgia, for example, has great weather and isn't nearly as crazy

  38. I honestly believe he could be ok still in the right system.....a spread system with lots of quick reads where he doesn't have to process coverages seems like it would do him a lot of favors.

  39. He's going somewhere where he will start obviously, but he kinda fits what Ohio State does. Have better recievers than the other team has corners.

  40. Bruh if you wanna see God as quickly as possible then you do drugs not deep fried foods 🤣😂

  41. Use the beach on GI for maximum kegs. I have more kegs than fruit every week on my perfection farm island

  42. You guys can do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to us. We are going run our game. Uncreative rushes and bubble screens. Good luck!

  43. I think Day is gonna blow the playbook out vs Georgia. Hopefully, he will have actually healthy running backs in time.

  44. I would expect him to but why on earth did he hold it in against Michigan?

  45. I can do that. I have all 4. Link 2022 1204

  46. Thank you so much. That's it for my dex too

  47. If we were talking best 4 teams, Utah would be involved.

  48. Utah with 3 losses? Sounds like top 4 to me. Perhaps behind the 3 they lost to?

  49. Playing currently, in the same way Saban said, Utah looks really fucking good. There is a reason why it's not strictly the best 4 teams

  50. If you still need them, I can gather the misdrevious and the eiscue pretty quick, if you could touch trade a Lucario so I don't have to grind friendship

  51. I'm all set but I have a Lucario if you want it real quick or you can catch them in the mountains where camerupt is found that's where I got mine...

  52. I found out there Qasim a fixed encounter, but thank you

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