1. I’d put then over most of the Gizztober albums tbh now that I’ve had some time with them. To give a general idea of my tastes, Omnium Gatherum is the best recent-ish Gizz album followed by Butterfly 3k

  2. It’s crazy because those early 70’s Eyes are so awesome and totally different, but the best versions are in Spring ‘90 with Marsalis on sax, (e.g. “Without a Net” and “Wake Up to Find Out”)not just because of him but Brent too as well as the direction they went with for the song during that time.

  3. Wrong answer. 1973-74 Eyes are stronger, played by a band in its prime and at a peak.

  4. There’s certainly an argument for that!

  5. This show hasn’t been considered lost but I never, ever see it talked about unless one of my friends or I bring it up: Columbia, SC, 10/31/1985. It rained so hard before and during the show! It was Halloween night, which made everything a little bit different. The songs that night were so well played!! My boyfriend at the time had introduced me to the Dead about 6 months earlier. I jumped in with both feet, and celebrated every song. My BF had a ticket on the fourth row right in front of Jerry. He snuck me down there with him. I never left my new seat (except to dance!) for fear of not being able to get down there again. Cowboy Neil showed up during “Werewolves of London”, the opening song, and I got on, that’s when it all began. What a great show!! 10/31/85

  6. Something way your health bar comes back all jittery and jumpy is really creepy.

  7. I found a new appreciation for Dupree’s Diamond Blues when I heard the version on Dozin at the Knick

  8. Gener just wishes he wrote Beverly Hills but ironically. Surprised to see him hatin’ . Usually it’s Deaner who rags on other artists.

  9. IMO Carini yes. Sand no. 99/2000 Sands are the real deal. Big Cypress Sand blows my mind on a weekly basis

  10. I like those Sands but they really have a different attitude towards the song in 3.0, jam-wise.

  11. I dunno man, every few months that I tune in to see what they’re up to, they keep sounding better and better than they did a few months prior . And on this Trey tour, torch passing talk aside, you know Trey is passing on some sage wisdom .

  12. Stranger is one of the few Dead songs in the same vein as Shakedown… very funky. And they bombastic way it starts out, requiring the count-off every time… man!

  13. This is how people who don’t know how to cook eat every day

  14. We all read Dosto and Kafka for the first time and thought it the best thing ever.

  15. I like all the country’s flags with the Grateful Dead, it’s like the one thing that could bring all peoples of the world together.

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