1. am I the only one who is confused af reading this

  2. usually I just check behind that one dumpster if he's not there I dont expect him that raid

  3. Yeah that's basically the only spot I check before and after dealing with other PMCs. Maybe I am just unlucky...

  4. I was playing nothing but factory at start of the wipe and he didnt spawn at all in like 30-40 raids

  5. hey im having the exact same problem wth is going on

  6. I downloaded the HD Project mod and it has an tweak menu and itll allow borderless windows n stuff, just make sure that you are already in windowed mode. it fixed it for me

  7. hit period or coma to go into global chat

  8. I don't know if they do sales whenever they do wipes, maybe someone can give some insight on that. but I believe most sales are on holidays for tarkov, but always it would be a good time to start the game since they are doing end of wipe events so you can get some practice before wipe

  9. how good is your laptop? tarkov is a very resource heavy game

  10. It's new the game played one time. It ok fuck Battlestate and their crappy policies I'll just talk shit about them

  11. saying its new doesnt tell me anything, the game has a minimal specs requirement. like I said the game is extremely resource heavy. your laptop must not have the required specs to run

  12. I’m shocked no one put Higurashi; anywho you heard of Higurashi?

  13. I think I've seen a post about it somewhere before, but I havent looked into it. I'll check it out

  14. yup, already looked into it, I think it showed 4 seasons of it

  15. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/75685

  16. didnt work sadly, still cant tab back into the game

  17. Thats the waterdisplacement setting in the ini. change it to 0. But better is delete the enb its full of bugs and the performance i just awfull. Look for an reshade. I use DNW with its reshade and it looks fantastic.

  18. just deleted the enb and started downloading DNW thanks!

  19. you can't really sell them this wipe, only barter. the most common barter I know how for dorms marked key is the merlin car key for lighthouse. but I would also get some 2nd opinions cause I havent played in awhile

  20. You can sell them, the fee is just insanely high. I sold Dorms marked and a red keycard for Rubel.

  21. ik you can, but imo the high fee isnt really worth it

  22. I did the launcher thing earlier and it fixed it for me

  23. Awesome, this made me crazy when it happened to me so I try to share this whenever I see it pop up on Reddit!

  24. I feel you, it took me like 10 hrs to find an answer

  25. you may have to beat both versions of this boss, I dont remember if I got an trophy after beating just the ranni quest one

  26. At same stars,the new Golden Frieza (from USS Saga) is better. LL First form Frieza requires his Zenkai (unlocks at 7 stars) to be a good unit,but even then Golden Frieza is better.

  27. im talking bout the older golden frieza not angel version

  28. The new angel golden Freeza or the old one? The old one isn't good anymore. Also if you have LL Freeza zenkai you can run him and the new golden Freeza on LoE

  29. as long as you got a somewhat decent scav rep, bosses dont aggro onto you, unless another scav has shot him. if so he will shoot anyone on site. and 6+ scav karma you can get the bosses to follow you around

  30. You sure it's just scavs? Because almost any other time I've ran into Reshala on scav runs he insta aggros, and I just can't believe that every time some scav has shot at him.

  31. im not completely sure how it works but thats like the sum of it

  32. yea grease is fine, any buff is fine really

  33. I have no answers…. But a question of my own.

  34. to an extent, because most pure melee builds you want int, faith, mind, as low as possible so like 8,9 or 10, but with astrologer they start kinda high so they are wasted skill points that couldve went to other stats for some builds

  35. learn claw grip, itll help with being able to control multiple things at once

  36. I dont think it's bad for your hands, it just your hands arent used to being in that position for long periods of time, after awhile it becomes second nature and it feels normal

  37. you can change them back at the mirror in the round table

  38. should be able to do either, what ever one you prefer

  39. If nothing's changed since I remember, the sellswords are the best dex Pve weapon in the game

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