1. I would've instantly unassigned and said go fuck yourself.

  2. Why are you on the Taco Bell page in the first place lol

  3. Wish a new banlist would come to slaughter the top stuff, my poor synchrons and galaxy eyes

  4. I mean, you could essentially still run a rogue tier synchro deck from the synchro festival and come out on top if you go first.

  5. It's fun for me no matter what I do. I can be running meta or rogue, and I won't care.

  6. Really good, but why in the world did Konami count only your wins in PVP? Come on! Can't they at least count solo mode here too?

  7. I think we all wish that, but Konami does their own thing.

  8. Imagine needing more than 20 deck slots in this game.

  9. I mean, you technically do need more deck slots. 20 deck slots is not enough to create whatever deck you want to create. The fact that we are limited to 20 (now 25) is kinda stupid.

  10. What car? Replaced this exact sensor on my car today! Original part nr for me was 9125243,

  11. First time doing work on my own car, so I am new to this.

  12. Dpe scythe. If you go first, then you can lock them out of their extra deck on their turn, but it's very ur heavy.

  13. It's a datamine. That means it is there, but not confirmed. Take it with a grain of salt.

  14. No rewards? Bruh I just want to get my dailies done without the fear of losing rank what tf is thes Konami

  15. -3x Maxx C -1x Majesty Maiden -3x Ignis Heat -3x Anchamoufrite -1x dinomight knight -1x Metaltron XII -1x raigeki -1x terraforming -3x card of demise -2x pot of desires -1x dragonic diagram -1x Kaiser Colosseum -3x true Draco heritage -3x disciples of the true Dracophoenix -3x solemn judgement -1x skill drain

  16. Plunder is stupid cheap already. If it gives any meaningful stuff in solo it'll be the most competitive F2P solo mode deck by far.

  17. Highly doubtful, but your concern is duly noted.

  18. Raigeki, Triple Tactics, Forbidden Droplet and Plunder Blackbeard also have animations

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